10 Things You Must Not Do At Your Full G Exam

In order to get your full G license you have to pass the Full G exam.

However, in order to get your full G exam there are other tests and steps that you have to follow. There are actually three levels of driving licenses in Canada. There is the G1, G2, and then the G which is the full license. Each one comes with certain conditions that you have to adhere to. If you have a full G license you can operate any car, van or small truck. You have to wait a year to take your full G license test. The full G allows you to drive on the highways at full speed. You can also tow a vehicle up to 11,000kgs. However, you have to pass the G2 test first in order to get the full G. There are some things you should not do while taking the full G test:

  1. Never come to the test if your vehicle is not in working order. That means the signals, brake lights, headlights, tail lights, horn, windshield wipers and more all need to be in working order.
  2. Do not come to the testing area late. These bureaus can be crowded and have long line ups. If you miss your appointment you will have to rebook and who knows how long you will wait for another appointment.
  3. Never be talking on your cell phone. This will not look favourably on you especially when the instructor is trying to talk to you.
  4. Do not ignore or be rude to your examiner. You could end up taking a wrong turn, running a light or worse.
  5. Do not ignore your lanes and use the proper lanes while driving.
  6. Do not ignore your mirrors, make sure you check them frequently.

  7. Do not ignore your blind spots.
  8. Do not ignore spacing between vehicles.
  9. Do not flunk your parallel parking test.

  10. Do not ignore your defensive driving techniques.

Of course it goes without saying that during any road test, you can never come to the exam after you have been drinking.

You will also be required to drive on the highway in order to achieve your full g license. You have to pass the Level Two road test in order to get your full G. If individuals are from other countries then they can bypass that and are able to drive in Canada from 6-8 months and get a license much quicker. Going through these tests can be very nerve wracking but you have to do it to get your full G licence.

Just remember the things that you should not do and be prepared. Follow your exminer’s demands and listen to them and you should be fine. The final G test will cost you around $75 so make sure you have the payment.

You should also consider taking a driver’s education course before you take your test. That way you can lower your insurance rates and make sure you pass the test quickly and efficiently.