2008’s all-time favourite car brands

When you jump in your car is it a Honda? Toyota? Chevrolet? Ford? Chances are it is.

Recently, Kanetix.ca took a closer look at the vehicles quoted online for car insurance in 2008 to see who had the most popular make of car (car brand); and the results are in.

2008’s most popular car brands were:

1. Honda

2. Toyota

3. Chevrolet

4. Ford

5. Pontiac

6. Dodge

7. Mazda

8. Nissan

9. Volkswagen

10. Hyundai

Collectively, these 10 automotive brands were represented in over 70 per cent of the online car insurance quotes through Kanetix.ca’s online insurance quote comparison service. Impressive when you consider that in all there were over 50 car brands available to choose from.

-- News Canada