5 Things to Do in a Traffic Jam

5 things to do in a traffic jam
For people living in large or small cities traffic jams unfortunately have become a part of everyday life. If you have to drive a lot, probably you spend a lot of time in traffic jams. No doubt you feel stress and frustration while waiting even during a leisure trip when you are not in a hurry. The research studies show that such situations reveal a high level of stress hormones, e.g. cortisol which can effect a whole body in a negative way.That’s why it’s necessary to know strategies which can help you to calm down and relax in a traffic jam. Here are some useful tips you can use easily.

You can listen to a CD audio book

It’s a good idea to keep several audio books in your car if you travel a lot and often. Being stuck in a traffic jam is an excellent chance to listen to an audio book. Definitely listening to an exciting story is more interesting than sitting in frustration and being bored.

You can sing loudly

If you begin getting annoyed and angry because of a long traffic jam, turn your CD on or radio louder. Loud singing can help to decrease stress and also to slow down the heart rate as you start to control your breath. Singing your favorite tunes will gradually lead to relaxation. It’s also a good idea to find a radio station with popular tunes without words; this can be a kind of elevator music for you. Imagine you’re a wonderful singer during a performance and the audience is listening to you in admiration. Your stress will fade away.

You can play games

You can use the radio and play entertaining games to pass the time while waiting. For instance you can guess the next song playing or the singer or to see how quickly you can identify a new song. Scanning the radio stations you can find a new one you’ve never knew before, or listen to a new talk show or unusual type of music. Maybe this new station will become your favourite.

You can have a snack

Keep a tasty snack in the car glove compartment which is especially good for waiting in traffic jams. Choose what you like most of all, so you will look forward to some inconveniences in heavy traffic to have a chance to eat the delicious snack. Enjoy every bite of it, you are not in a hurry and deserve it.

You can argue with the radio talk-show host

Fortunately there’s radio in a car, find a station with a radio talk show. Listen to their debates attentively. If you disagree, you can show you irritation. Don’t be afraid to call their ideas and opinion stupid. Only make sure that the car windows are closed so no one may hear you. Arguing with somebody even in imagination will release the tension of stress and you’ll better very soon.

Sitting in a traffic jam can be extremely stressful but next time you can use these simple techniques, and you won’t notice the time of waiting and soon will be on your way.