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General Info

A Driving Logo3With its head office in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Fleet Safety International has specialized in providing the very best in research-based Driver Safety Training for over 30 years.
For the 5th consecutive year, Calgary residents have voted "A" Driving School (a division of Fleet Safety International) as their Consumer Choice Award winner for 2009, giving "A" Driving School the distinction of being named the top Driving School in Calgary.

Fleet Safety International provides driver training to both public and corporate clients and are pleased to assist you with your training needs. We offer programs that meet or exceed all standards and regulations in regards to car, truck, motorcycle and corporate fleet requirements.

Defensive Driving

Defensive Driving
Length: 6 classroom hours (no in-vehicle training included)
This is a government approved Defensive Driving Course with successful participants being eligible for a 3 demerit reduction on their driver's license. Students learn the latest in Defensive Driving theory where good driving habits and behaviours and reinforced. All material is research based and delivered using full multi-media formats.
Defensive Driving Topics

  • Course is mobile… can be delivered in any location

  • Full multi-media presentation

  • Student courseware included

  • Modern computer generated films

  • Fully approved 3 demerit reduction

  • Mentally active driving

  • Adverse conditions

  • Two car crashes

  • Railroad collisions

  • Bicycle and motorcycle collisions

  • Road rage

  • Cellular phone research

  • Inattention and distraction

  • Fatigue and driving

  • Drinking, drugs and driving

  • Roll over collisions

  • Gravel road driving

  • Advanced driving principals

  • Driving and technology

  • Anti-Lock brakes and air bags

  • Skid control theory

  • Backing collisions

  • Deer collisions

  • Pedestrian collisions

Featured Instructors

John Parker
John first started riding motorcycles in his early teens and passed his UK motorcycle test in 1981, after about 5 years of riding. He made a point of attending track days and he has road raced on some of the world’s greatest racetracks. John still attends the occasional track day in Calgary to keep his skills sharp.
John has been involved in motorcycle training since 1983, when he worked for the Motorcycling Academy of Cambridgeshire in the United Kingdom. He assisted in the on-lot testing for this company and attended advanced rider training for about 2 years.
After serving on operations in the British Army, John returned to work in a variety of motorcycle safety organizations and has completed and passed the Institute of Advanced Motorcycle training test in 2000. In 2001, John worked full time as a motorcycle instructor with CAMRIDER, the largest training school in the UK. In his spare time John assisted with the Direct Access Program of Rider Plan, another UK training provider.
Since arriving in Canada, John has passed his Class 6 motorcycle license and has become a licensed motorcycle instructor in Alberta. John began with Fleet Safety International as a regular motorcycle instructor in 2006 and then gained dual instructional licenses by achieving his advanced driving corporate instructor's license. In 2007, John was promoted to the Department Head role. John has over 1600 hours of teaching experience in Calgary alone and brings over 30 years of instructional experience, through military and civilian certifications in weapons training, ski instruction, and motorcycle training.

Gary Wong
Gary Wong is a senior instructor for corporate and motorcycle training programs at Fleet Safety. He has successfully completed various projects including a 3 week project in Rocky Mountain School District to evaluate and coach all drivers to complete hazard assessments of every route. As an Anti-Terrorist Advanced Driving and ATV certified instructor, Gary teaches his students how to excel in safe motorcycle driving.

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