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ABBA Driving School


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    ABBA Driving School
    810 Nipissing Road, Unit 202
    Milton, ON, L9T 4Z9, Canada

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  1. Arie
    Posted on October 14th

    Very happy with this school. Vash keeps her lessons informative and too the point. The one on one driving lessons are very fun and she teaches parallel parking in a way that I understand.

  2. Belial
    Posted on July 17th

    Terrible school. Vash is very disorganised. Lessons in class we were shown stone aged videos of driving and during the 10 hour on the road with her she was very annoying and whines at the smallest mistakes and always makes me stop for her personnel need and pick up the students.

    Worst of all when I needed the certification printed she stalled on this for over a month. It may be cheap but the old saying goes you get what you pay for. I do not recommend this school to anyone

  3. C
    Posted on November 25th

    Its been almost a year since I’ve found out about this school and I was really only forced to go to this school because it’s cheap. Trust me. It isn’t worth it. Vash is probably one of the most rudest and disorganised driving instructor ever. During class she’ll usually tell stories or make us watch old 90s videos. When we do booklet work she gives us the answers if we don’t know them. Since it was my very first time driving she didn’t acknowledge my feelings towards the road. She would barley let me drive (always had her hand on the wheel) and kept braking for me. What’s the point of driving then? She also arrives to in car lessons late. I remember one time I waited one hour for her and she never came. She texted me later on saying that she’s going to cancel! I got ready and waited for nothing! Whenever there’s a stop light she’d as bunch of questions, even when making turns, and get really upset when you answer them wrong. She would spazz over the smallest mistakes and when you tell her that you know and will try to fix it, she’ll spazz even more. Vash also criticizes your driving skills and tells you to “go back to school” for more lessons. Isn’t that the whole reason why I’m taking classes? So I can learn from you? She’ll also bring in your family members into the picture criticizing you for not being able to drive well saying how your mother doesn’t help you, or your dad should start helping you. When in front of other classmates she’ll embarrass you by bringing up your mistakes and she’ll even expose her past students. There are so many things that I really don’t like about her but I had to deal with it (I still have to…). And honestly, it was a waste of my time and money. She was no help at all and even had me considering not driving at all any more.