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Advantage Driver Training


  • General Info

    * Currently reside in St. Adolphe - just minutes south of the perimeter
    * Available to offer training to all surrounding communities, as well as Winnipeg, La Salle, Iles des Chenes, and Niverville
    * Will make every effort to work around your schedule
    * Available weekends, evenings, or daytime for appointments
    * Driver assessments or brush-up lessons before the road test or for anyone wanting to improve their driving, seniors included
    * Students of all ages welcome
    * Will provide in-home assistance for Learner's test for Classes 2 - 5
    * Parallel parking made easy
    * All fees are due after each lesson
    * Gift Certificates available

  • Instructor

    * Licensed Instructor since 1984 for Class 4 + 5 and Class 2 School Bus
    * Retired School Bus Driver after 25 years
    * Certified Instructor with MPI and High School Driver Ed. program
    * Very calm, relaxed instructor - great for the nervous or tentative learners

  • Rates

    Please contact Marilyn at (204) 883-2461 for rates.

  • Contacts
    Advantage Driver Training
    498 St. Adolphe Rd.
    St. Adolphe, MB, R5A 1A1, Canada
    Phone - (204) 883-2461; Cell (Text) - 794-8824
    Email address:

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