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Airdrie Driving School


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    Airdrie Driving School is Airdrie’s longest locally owned and operated driving school. Airdrie Driving School works closely with the community, participating schools and parents in effort to ensure that Airdrie’s new drivers receive the best possible start to their new driving career. While Airdrie grows so does the number of vehicles using the public roadways. The increase in traffic volume brings an increase in collisions, which makes the need for new drivers to be best equipped to handle even the most adverse driving situations imperative. Safe and responsible driving begins with YOU and your choice of Airdrie Driving School! By being a defensive driver you will have the knowledge, skills and right attitude for safe driving. An approved driver education course also helps the new driver gain positive habits and attitudes while also perfecting the skills needed for a safe and long driving career. Education, a good attitude, practice of and commitment to safety protocols, and observing the rules of the road will help you stay on the road safely. At Airdrie Driving School we believe in six key factors to successful driving and teach them here at Airdrie Driving School as the F.A.S.T.E.R. system: F – Foresight A - Attitude S - Space T - Tolerance E – Eye sight R – Responsibility As a new driver this system will help you be better prepared, more aware, and most importantly, SAFER!

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    Airdrie Driving School
    Box 2991
    Didsbury, AB, T0M 0W0, Canada
    (403) 948 - 2120
    Website: www.airdriedrivingschool.com
    Email address:

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  1. jjodule
    Posted on May 3rd

    Brutal service, do not know what they are talking about, kill time doing mindless crap, waste of your money… go to AMA or somewhere proffesional, these guys SUCKKKKK

  2. DrivingPro
    Posted on May 18th

    Sounds like JJodule works for another driving school hmmm I wonder which one? Either that or he didn't get a passing grade. Maybe not everyone should be driving.

  3. Guest
    Posted on May 17th

    Don’t waste your time or money. I would never reccomend them to anyone. No, im not just saying that because I am in favor of another driving school or hold a grudge agianst the company, but am infact disgusted with the lack of professionalism and training.   

  4. Glen
    Posted on May 15th

    Very unprofessional driving school. The instructor was 40 minutes late for the first lesson, 75 minutes late for the 2nd lesson and here we are waiting for the 3rd lesson and once again waiting for the instructor who was supposed to be here 1/2 hour ago and still no sign of her. You can’t book driving lessons @ 8:15pm on a school nite and show up very late. Worst service ever!!!!!!

  5. Glen
    Posted on May 15th

    Update – called Airdrie Driving School last night to see if the instructor was still coming and was assured she was on her way. Instructor never did show up. If this is how they run their business I’m not sure how they are still operating.

  6. Melanie Litoski
    Posted on July 2nd

    We have found [Airdrie Driving School] to be very unprofessional, not returning phone calls, not showing up for scheduled road training and calling for directions to our house while they are driving. I will not use their services for our younger children and would rather pay a bit extra to have a school from Calgary come out to Airdrie.

    And since I sent this message to [website administration], they cancelled another session and we were not able to reschedule for several weeks. This program will have taken nearly 3 months to complete due to their delays.

  7. Amanda
    Posted on July 19th

    I would not recommend Airdrie Driving School. My husband took his in class sessions during the month of March. There were 4 in class sessions in total. He really liked the instructor, he found her knowledgeable and funny. However, there were roughly 35-40 students enrolled in the class. There were not enough chairs even for everyone. They brought in folding lawn chairs to accommodate the number of students in the class.
    It is now mid-July and my husband still has not completed the practice driving portion of the program. He has two driving lessons to complete. They have re-booked his sessions a number of times, including this week. He was supposed to have a lesson this morning and no one has shown up. For every other lesson they arrived 10-15 minutes late.
    I went in to the office at the beginning of July and voiced my complaints. The lady behind the desk had just started working there. She was courteous and confirmed his appointments with me at the time. My husband has had one driving teacher who he favors. She made him feel comfortable and at ease.
    Overall there seems to be a lack of internal organization and communication. It is unfortunate as I like to support local businesses, but I would not recommend this driving school due to the reasons listed above.