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Alberta Driving School


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    Alberta Driving School is a family owned and operated Driving School serving Edmonton and surrounding area for several years.

    We provide driving lessons and courses for teens and adults, in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Leduc, Stony Plain, Saint Albert, Beaumont, downtown, Riverbend, West Mount, Argyll, White Avenue, University area, Millnard, Elleisli Crossing and Heritage. We offer driving lessons and courses as 15 class room hour package and 10 hours of driving training. We also provide cars for road tests.

    Alberta Driving School provides Patient and Friendly tuition from expert and approved driving instructors.

    If you are willing to learn how to drive safely and confidently, at a reasonable cost, then you have come to the right place.

    Our courses are tailored to suit your needs. Enjoy learning, make faster progress and save money.

    Contact us today at 780-217-5771 or fill in this form to book for your appointment and start driving soon!

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    Alberta Driving School
    Edmonton, AB, Canada
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  1. KCM
    Posted on July 23rd

    I have taken a drivers training course over a year ago and completed it. I did not continue with getting my license, so i would like to attend drivers training again but without the 15hrs in class. Is that possible?

  2. Anonymous
    Posted on July 23rd

    Yes you can. We charge $50 per hr maximum 2 HR.
    Each day if you are interested, please call me at 780-217-5771 Thanx

  3. mani
    Posted on December 19th

    Alberta driving school is the best school for me because i came here in Canada just one month before & so that i need driving licence i came to know about Alberta driving school & they helped me lot i got my licence with in a week.i really like their service. that lot for this favour

  4. rupinder
    Posted on April 28th

    alberta driving school has amazing service and flexible schedule .i have taken lesson from this school and i would like to refer the people in my known to alberta driving school . they have reasonable price and clear instructions.

  5. Norah Smith
    Posted on February 20th

    This Driving School is terrible! Save yourself the aggravation and don’t believe all the glowing reviews. What’s up with that? Lots of wasted time in class, so many “breaks” let’s just get it over with, besides telling me stuff that is incorrect about traffic circles and stop signs. Pretty major errors. I totally agree with other about not paying attention. I did get my license but not because they were helpful — my boyfriend was so annoyed after I would tell him what I “learned” in class that I got him to teach me, even tho I’d heard it was a bad idea to learn driving from your boyfriend. But he was so much better than the driving school people!! Stay away from This Driving School!!

  6. kimmie
    Posted on July 24th

    Alberta Driving School is an Excellent school! I passed my road test on my first try thanks to Sukhi Sidhu’s helpful tips. She was very patient and had excellent advice. She was also able to answer any questions I had. Would highly recommend this school.