Alberta: Intersection safety devices now active

Intersection safety devices now active in Alberta

New technology tracks speeders to make our roads saferAs of April 1, law enforcement agencies throughout Alberta can issue speed violation tickets using data from the intersection safety device technology. Speeding tickets can be issued at all phases of the traffic signal. These devices will also continue to be used for red-light violations.
In 2007, 92 people were killed and 10, 092 injured in traffic collisions at intersections in Alberta. Many of these collisions involved speeding.
Intersection safety devices can save lives and reduce injuries by reducing the number of speeding and red-light violations at intersections.

Intersection safety devices will be located at existing red-light camera locations. Future locations can also be established at signalized intersections that have a high number of collisions or high frequency of violations.
Calgary Police Service (CPS) can now issue speed violation tickets using data from the new device. Edmonton Police Service (EPS) may start issuing tickets based on device data after May 17.
Not all municipalities will be using this technology. Contact your local municipality or law enforcement agency to find out if this program will be enforced in your area.
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