Alberta: Motorists reminded of dangerous consequences of speeding

Law enforcement awareness event drives safety message home

Several Alberta law enforcement agencies came together at an awareness event in Edmonton to demonstrate the dangerous consequences of speeding. The center of attention was a wrecked vehicle, involved in a fatal collision where speed and alcohol were contributing factors.

RCMP, Alberta Sheriffs, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement, as well as Edmonton and Calgary Police Services reinforced the message that following the speed limit is key to reducing injuries, fatalities and collisions on our roads. As speed increases, motorists are less able to react to other road users’ actions or detect hazards, stopping distances increase, vehicles become more difficult to maneuver, and the severity of crash outcomes increases.

One in four collisions involves speeding

In 2008, 107 people died and 2,928 people were injured in collisions involving speed in Alberta. Motor vehicle collisions are the leading cause of death and injury among Alberta’s youth.

Even small increases in speed above the posted speed limit can mean the difference between life and death, especially for pedestrians. For example, at 40 kilometres per hour, the probability of pedestrian death is approximately 20 per cent. At 60 kilometres per hour, probability goes up to 80 per cent.

In support of Speed Awareness Month on the Traffic Safety Plan Calendar, law enforcement agencies were out in full force throughout Alberta April 13, 14 and 15 to remind drivers to slow down and obey posted speed limits. Over the course of this three-day blitz, they issued 4281 speeding violations. Of those, 21 were given to drivers of commercial vehicles. More than 1281 additional tickets were issued for various other traffic safety violations.

Agencies participating in the enforcement blitz included Edmonton, Calgary, Lethbridge and Medicine Hat Police Services; RCMP; Alberta Transportation’s Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Branch and the Alberta Sheriff Highway Patrol.

This initiative is part of Alberta’s Traffic Safety Plan that focuses on education, enforcement, communications, engineering, community engagement and legislation to help make roads safer. For more information on the plan go