Alberta: Updated rules for commercial vehicles to enhance safety

On July 1, new and updated rules will be implemented in Alberta for commercial vehicles, school buses, and some small vehicles to increase safety and ensure consistency with Canadian and North American standards.
“There will now be a one-window approach for commercial vehicle safety, maintenance, and equipment standards in Alberta,” said Luke Ouellette, Minister of Alberta Transportation. “The consistent standards will also make it easier for Alberta carriers to conduct business in other jurisdictions.”
The province’s new Commercial Vehicle Safety Regulation (CVSR) consolidates nine previous regulations and contains changes affecting the operation of commercial vehicles in Alberta. The amended Vehicle Equipment Regulation (VER) and Use of Highway and Rules of the Road Regulation (UHRRR) also go into effect on July 1.

The revised regulations include the recommendations in Ensuring the Safety of our Children: A Report on School Bus Safety in Alberta. All school buses are required to have strobe lights, retro reflective markings, and eight-way red and amber flashing lamps by September 1, 2010. In addition, the regulation changes require new school bus maintenance standards including daily trip inspections and reports.
The definitions of power bicycles and mopeds are also being updated to be consistent with federal regulations that define them as a power-assisted bicycle and a limited speed motorcycle.

“The Government of Alberta is committed to ensuring all vehicles operating on Alberta highways are subject to the most current safety standards and that, when needed, vehicle equipment will protect all Albertans,” added Ouellette.

The new and amended rules are the result of an extensive consultation with stakeholders including industry, municipal, and safety organizations.