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All Seasons Driving School Pickering


  • General Info

    We were established in May 1999 Our Mission: To become Ontario’s leading provider of defensive driving techniques to novice and experienced drivers alike. Our Products & Services: All the things you need to know to get started To educate the students and drivers on all issues related to driving We Offer:

    • Full Courses
    • Refresher Course for G2
    • Mini Package
    • Classroom Training
    • In-Vehicle Training
    • 4 Day Courses
    • Individual Lessons
    We Emphasize:
    • Defensive Training Techniques
    • Emergency Maneuvers
    • Freeway Driving
    • Preview Road Test
    • One-on-one in Car Training
    • Skid Control
    • Winter Driving Skills
    Our Guarantee: To work along with different government bodies and the people of Ontario to make our roads safer for everyone. Our Awards: Readers Choice Award We are proud members of: Our school provides the Ministry Approved Driver Education Certificate Course. All of the in-class and in-car curriculum taught to our students has been approved by the ministry of Transportation and is taught by professional, fully licensed instructors. Visit our other location at: 5 Harwood Ave. S., Unit 205 Ajax

  • Contacts
    All Seasons Driving School Pickering
    1099 Kingston Road, Unit 208
    Pickering, ON, Canada
    (905) 420-8641
    Website: www.allseasonsdriving.com
    Email address:

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  1. LostMoneyWithAllSeasons
    Posted on October 22nd

    All seasons pickering is a worst driving school one can end up.

    If you are unfortunate, you will land up there. Instructors are rude and should right at your righ ear, without actually teaching what is right and what is wrong.

    They think that you should be knowing everything like the instructor themselves. No tips are given. They will demonstrate their driving skill to you and will challenge you “Fail me if you can”. They loose the purpose of the student but they will boast their skill.

    Do not ever sign up with this school.

  2. Chris
    Posted on October 28th

    I am sure you can find a better school than this.

    For the money you pay, you may expect a professional teacher rather than an agressive instructor.

    You may probably find theary classes usefuly – as you will already know many of the rules and signs – after you read the Driver Handbook. It will be usefuly only to get some discount on insurance.

    My advice would be to find someone else. I was not pleased with the quality of driving lessons. You will find that these folks are just interested in getting your money.

  3. Rayssac
    Posted on November 8th

    You are better off with some other school than this.
    Unless you don't mind spending with nil return, you should look for something else.

  4. Abc
    Posted on December 10th

    Not a good school.
    Try something else.

  5. Joe
    Posted on January 8th

    As I am a polite Canadian I want to recommend folks to consider someother school unless they are desperate. You will not only loose money but also get stressed out to sit on the wheels with the shouting and intimidating tutor by your side. I can only be sorry and pity if you still want to go with this school.

  6. Dionnel
    Posted on November 9th

    Dal,I signed my 16 year old daughter up with All Season after she told me a couple of her friends were taking the course with them. Honestly I did not do any research of my own and I should have….which was to our detriment.All Season Driving – Pickering should not be in business as they haven’t made the correlation between customer care and the sustainability of their business. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.They only care about the money. Absolutely no direction given as to the steps required to go from theory classes to practical and then no instructions given on even how to go about ensuring you’ve booked for a driving test. I found we were constantly chasing them as to how to proceed next and I do mean chasing…..To top it off half way into the driving classes my daughter actually said to me “mommy I don’t want to go back with that instructor anymore he’s verbally abusive”….. I feel like the worst mother on earth for subjecting my daughter to the abuse of All Season Driving School -Pickering everything else I could have dealt with but that was the kicker.Please don’t let it happen to you.

  7. Anonymous
    Posted on January 5th

    Really bad school. They are liars and have no commitment at all
    Driving instructor shows up late, whenhe shows up. One time I had to call him, because we arranged to meet at 7am on a Saturday, and when calling him i woke him up, and reschedule for another day. Next day, he showed up one hour later.
    The owner or manager of the School is worse than the instructors: rude, he does not care about the customers.

  8. Posted on July 31st

    Wow, sounds like a terrible place. They must be foreigners? (low standards)

  9. Very upset!
    Posted on October 17th

    The owner ZH is rude, and was very biligerent to by daughter… I asked for my money back because there was clearly a personality conflict.. but was refused, and she had 3 out of 5 classes owing.
    Now we are pursuing this through the proper legal channels.
    You have other negative comments in this section, we cant all be lying…..