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AA-A All Star Driving School Maple


  • General Info

    All Star Driving School is one of the most respected safe driver training organizations in all of Ontario, with five Locations to serve you better.

    We have been training drivers for more then 20 years, over thousands and thousands of safe student drivers have graduated. All Star Driving School offers one of the most comprehensive instructional programs in town - with prices that won't be beat! We specialize in teaching collision-free, defensive driving techniques. This combined with a solid grounding of classroom theory gives students the foundation they need to become successful drivers and maintain a clean driving record. Our courses include:
    • 25 hours classroom instructions
    • 10 hours in car
    Graduate certificates recognized by insurance industry, graduates eligible for up to a maximum 41% insurance savings Weekdays & Weekends Classes: 9 A.M - 3:45 P.M (Total 4 Sessions) Evening Classes we are not offering evening classes in maple,but you can come to richmond hill. (Total 6 Sessions)

  • Contacts
    AA-A All Star Driving School Maple
    2338 Major Mackenzie Dr
    Maple, ON, L6A 3Y7, Canada
    Website: www.allstardriving.ca
    Email address:

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  1. Adam1990
    Posted on June 23rd

    Best Teacher ever Naeem!!

  2. Nusratkamran
    Posted on December 9th

    All star is the best driving school in ontario!!

  3. Jonathan_555
    Posted on March 3rd

    My licence was about to expire and i called many driving schools and every driving school said that they will find me an opp but no one called back!! Then I called all star and Thank God they sing me with Naiem and he treated me like a family member!! He got me my G on the very next day!! Very Nice, honest and ammmmazing teacher!!

    I Would recommend All Star to each and every one!!

  4. Jonathan
    Posted on May 4th

    shawn is the best driving teacher in maple help me with getting my G2 and G definate recomend to everyone!


  5. All Star
    Posted on May 10th


  6. anna
    Posted on May 29th

    i just got my G2with  shawn .he is amazing teacher who is extremly patient and he also hasgreat teaching method .i wll besure to bookmy Gtest  with him

  7. anna
    Posted on May 29th

    i just got my G2with  shawn .he is amazing teacher who is extremly patient and he also hasgreat teaching method .i wll besure to bookmy Gtest  with him

  8. Zaini
    Posted on March 19th

    All star driving school in maple is best school , the driving instructors r very freindly , they teach driving properly, zack and Naeem is the best for in car lessons and Shawn is best in class,I want to recommend every one,all star driving school

  9. Anee
    Posted on April 4th

    Hi there! I like all star driving school maple,my driving instructer was Shawn, he is very honest and friendly guy, I went first time for g2 test with him and I passed.

  10. Anee
    Posted on April 4th

    Hi there my name is rohi, I join the all star driving school for my driving lesson, actually
    My 2brother join the same school( all star driving school)maple with Shawn,he is very honest instructer
    I went with him for g2 test and 1st time I passed.now I want to go with him for g test too.

  11. Kathleen
    Posted on May 28th

    I went to All Star in Maple and it was a horrible waste of money!!! I first took classes with Zahid. He showed up 20 minutes late and texted on his cellphone most of the time while I was driving (I almost got into a big accident and he didnt even notice!). I quickly switched with Naseer. He has his personal business so all he wanted was for me to get extra lessons with him (and not through All Star). Once he made me take him to places to run his errands (as I waited in the car for him for about 15 minutes!). He also took long breaks at Tim Hortons and criticized all his students and his colleagues!! He is extremely unprofessional and lazy! When he detected I had a weakness (changing lanes on busy roads), he immediately made me go to the side streets so he could continue the lesson undisturbed as he kept yapping about his personal life and how rich he was (?). He taught me nothing at all so when the package was over, he said I was not ready and he wouldnt take me to the exam unless I took more lessons with him. Yeah, right!!! I started to take extra lessons with Brisa Driving School and the instructor I have (Carmen) is AMAZING!!! I am learning a lot with her and I am now gaining confidence to drive everywhere. This is the first time in my life I ever write on the internet about a company. But these people deserve it!!

  12. Anonymous
    Posted on May 28th

    Hello Kathleen,

    Thank you very much for a very detailed feedback – I am sure this information will help other potential students to make the right choice!

    By a mere coincidence though, I personally also took my driving course in Brisa Driving School, and Carmen was my in-car instructor, too. All in all, I was content with their services, but you should be aware of some things about them, too. The last thing we want is for you to be disappointed by yet another driving school! So here it goes:

    1) While I was also very comfortable during lessons with Carmen (as she would always allow me to ‘take my time’ and ‘not to rush’), after I took the actual road test it turned out that I was a bit slow in everything I was doing behind the wheel (slow in making turns, slow at stop signs and traffic lights, slow in performing the maneuvers, etc.) – but this is the way I was taught by Carmen! The examiner did not like that and put it all on my test sheet then. (Obviously, I didn’t pass.)

    2) There are about 10 driving lessons included into the course, and if you have not driven a car before, this is simply not enough. Their additional packages will be quite expensive…

    3) Brisa did not seem very flexible with scheduling the road test, and after I paid some crazy money for 20 additional lessons, they scheduled my test two months!!! after I completed all those packages. I had no one to practice with, and while I waited for the time of the test, I forgot almost everything I learned and did not feel confident at the road test…

    4) (And since they are providing the car for the test – and it is important that it has those double-brake pedals on the front passenger side, for the examiner to feel safer with novice drivers, you kind of have to stick with whatever date the school suggests.)

    5) What also matters is where (what examination centre) you take the road test. Schools are usually tied up to an examination centre (or they schedule wherever easier, I am not sure) – Brisa scheduled mine in Downsview, and it is a terrible area for a novice driver to take their road test. My friends have failed there 2-3 times in a row, just because it is an industrial area, it is always busy; there are uncontrolled intersections; there are several all-way-stop intersections positioned too close to each other with the speed limit of 50 km/h between them (but you don’t even have enough distance to pick up that speed to match the limit – otherwise, your stopping would be too rough!); huge trucks parked on the side of the road – so that you do not see where your next turn should be exactly, etc. I would never recommend anyone to try there – it’s just a waste of time, effort and money…

    These are my 2 cents, so to say, but I wish you best luck behind the wheel and on the road test!
    Thank you for posting a review on our website, again!

    Find-a-Driving-School.ca Administration

  13. Kathleen
    Posted on June 8th

    Hi Marina,

    Thanks so much for your response! Unfortunately, I am stuck with All Star for my driving test and I just take extra lessons with Brisa (so I don’t really know about their services when you get full packages). In regards to Carmen, I wonder when you took classes with her. I think she has changed since you last saw her (she told me that the examiners at Downsview asked to make her students drive faster). I am an older learner so I am very cautious when I drive, especially when I turn. However, she keeps telling me that I need to go faster. Carmen is very sweet and humble so I am sure she had no problem changing her style after receiving feedback.

    With regards to All Star, I hope my awful experience (and the absolute waste of 600$) becomes useful for somebody out there.

    This is a great website, thanks so much!!


  14. joe
    Posted on July 19th

    I think it all depends the on the teacher you go with becouse i just got my g2 today with all star and im very happy. Its really worth it, i would like to says thanks to naiem for being a great teacher and making me a safe driver:) joe

  15. Sarah
    Posted on September 3rd

    First off, I would like to point out that the majority of positive reviews on this website were posted by the owner Shawn (you can tell because he highly promotes himself and he has terrible grammar). Now about the school itself, the inclass lessons were very boring and I did not learn anything. The school also makes the students sign off on their sheets that they finish the class at 2:30 when the classes actually end at 2:00. In addition, on the final inclass exam, the teacher actually encouraged the kids to cheat and copy off each other and he said that regardless of the outcome, everyone would pass. As for the driving lessons, my instructor, Shukr was very rude as he would yell at me when I did something wrong and he would make me repeat words after him as if I was a 2 yr old. Also, one day when I had to cancel my lesson, he said it was fine. However, the next lesson I had with him, he was trying to force me to sign off for the lesson which I never had. He then told me that I needed to give him a 24hr cancellation notice which I was not informed of. At this point I had enough, so my mom called the school and the owner was very impolite to my mother until she informed him that we would contact the ministry of transportation to report their school. They tried to book me with another teacher but that didn’t work out either because she would constantly delay my driving lessons. Overall, this is one of the worst experiences with a franchise that I have ever dealt with. This school may seem cheaper in comparison to other places, but it is not worth your money. DO NOT GO TO THIS SCHOOL!
    *Also, when I tried to switch locations, the head office said that I couldn’t do that because I would have to pay more money and start over from the beginning*

  16. Sydney
    Posted on September 9th

    Terrible driving school. My advice? Avoid it.

    Its the cheapest driving school around for a reason. My instructors “Amar” and “Sid” seemed barely qualified for their positions. “Sid” talked on the phone 90% of the time while in car. “Amar” would make very offensive and very sexual jokes which he thought were funny, even though they were not even remotely so. I could go on and on about how bad my experience with this school was. I just hope nobody else has to suffer through this bullshit, which is why i took the time to write this here.

  17. Sydney
    Posted on September 9th

    I also forgot to say that i was cheated of 2 hours of in car driving, as i recorded the times that i took my driving lessons and “Sid” put some random dates and times which i did not do. The times that i did go for in-car lessons, they were only 40-55 mins, not even an hour. I went to the Mississauga branch for reference.

    (Sep 9, 2013)

  18. Shivi
    Posted on October 30th

    I find that Sidd is very patient driving instructor.

  19. Shivi
    Posted on October 30th


  20. Jack
    Posted on January 3rd

    Hmm let me guess….Sidd himself wrote this?

  21. Mia
    Posted on June 1st

    In my personal experience, All Star (Maple) was terrible. The drivers were very unprofessional (e.g. talk on their phones during the lesson, talk extensively about their personal lives as well as their colleagues), making it a very uncomfortable ride.