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AMB Driving School Scarborough


  • General Info

    Advanced Motoring has been providing thousands of novice and expert drivers, driving techniques and skills needed to drive safely and expertly on the roads of Ontario, since1993. Advanced Motoring is a school which provides the Ministry Approved Driver Education Certificate Course. All of the in-class and in-car curriculum taught to our students has been approved by the Ministry of Transportation and is taught by professional, fully licensed instructors. Advanced Motoring provides High School Driver Education programs for the following school boards:

    • Toronto District School Board
    • York District School Board
    • York Catholic District School Board.

    amb We offer courses in a wide variety of languages, including (alphabetically): Arabic, Cantonese, English, French, Greek, Gugerati, Hindi, Mandarin, Punjabi, Urdu.

  • Contacts
    AMB Driving School Scarborough
    55 Nugget Avenue, Suite C
    Scarborough, ON, Canada
    Website: ambdriving.com

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