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Chilliwack, BC Canada
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About the Art of Driving School:

Seeing IS believing!

Our experienced instructors will transform the students' driving skills to enable them to drive in the complex environment we have today. Gone are the days of single lane roads and small intersections. We now have to navigate many different situations that include multiple lane roads, complex intersections, merges and roundabouts, and now, the dangers of distracted drivers.

Statistics currently say that distracted driving is now the MOST dangerous driving condition on the roads today, even more than drinking and driving. Education is the KEY and drivers need advanced skills in observation to anticipate these bad habits of so many drivers.

In our attempt to make a difference, we provide each student with a red "Buckle UR Phone" thumb band and a small "Don't text and drive" sticker for the dash of their car in the hopes that they will take responsibility and choose NOT to engage in these dangerous behaviours.

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