Back to basics at the pump

For most drivers, filling up at the pump is an automatic routine.

But when you consider that cars are typically one of the largest investments we make, it’s important to remember the way you take care of them can mean the difference between trouble-free driving and costly repairs.

A big part of engine maintenance is making sure you select the right type of gasoline.

Not only is it essential to use the recommended octane, but it’s also important to make sure your fuel has enough cleaning agents to help protect your engine.

Choosing a gasoline for your vehicle is like choosing a meal for your body – healthy choices can make a difference.

Shell recently introduced Nitrogen Enriched Gasolines, which contains a unique, patented cleaning system designed to seek and destroy engine gunk left by lower quality gasolines. The new Nitrogen Enriched formula helps protect and clean critical engine parts in both conventional and modern engines.
In today’s tough economy, Canadian drivers are concerned about protecting the state of their vehicles. Not all gasolines are the same – the differences in fuel quality are real.
To keep overall costs down, there is no substitute for preventative maintenance.