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Bison Motorcycle Safety Consultants


  • General Info

    Bucket listers, empty nesters, I always wanted to' ers, returning riders, new riders, or you want to push your riding skills to the peak of ylour ability...we offer personal one-on-one coaching and small group classes. If you need to pass your MST or road test, want improve your cornering or braking skills, want to feel more comfortable carrying a passenger or whatever you want to improve, see Bison. Our website at bisonmotorcyclesafetyconsultants.webs.com has details.

    We are licensed under the BC Motor Vehicle Act as a driver training school.

  • Contacts
    Bison Motorcycle Safety Consultants
    2813 Homestead Road
    Campbell River, BC, V9W 8B4, Canada
    Call us at 250-923-8664 (home) or 250-203-4520 (cell)
    Website: www.bisonmotorcyclesafetyconsultants.webs.com/home.html
    Email address:

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