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Canadian Academy of Defensive Driving


  • General Info

    Canadian Academy of Defensive Driving is always committed to finding a better way to serve you from the moment you call us, to the day you pass your road test. We upgrade our teaching material and maintain a high level of education to ensure that our students are up to date with current laws, rules and regulations under the Highway Traffic Act. Let’s face it- numerous driving schools offer drivers education with inflated prices but are unable to provide services at an academic level which results in a lack of training and high rates of road test failure.
    In fact, we know that students and their parents want the best from defensive driving education, this is why Canadian academy of Defensive Driving offers cost-effective courses designed for all types of students of different age groups entrusting our students are satisfied and are on track to becoming a defensive driver.
    Our professional driving and in-class instructors dedicate their time and effort to make sure that they train their knowledge of defensive driving to our students and that our students gain the right skills. It’s just another way we teach defensive driving and keep our community safe.

  • Contacts
    Canadian Academy of Defensive Driving
    5005 Steeles Ave East, Unit # 208
    Scarborough, ON, M1V 5K1, Canada
    Phone: (416) 642-8549
    Website: www.caddonline.ca
    Email address:

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  1. Harry
    Posted on October 3rd

    The Instructor ALi he is the worst instructor i have seen very biased, very rude, dont know how to talk and respect Females. Money minded . i wont recommend him ever

  2. Managment
    Posted on January 16th

    There is no Instructor by the name ALI in this driving school, Please make sure you have the correct Driving School

  3. agnes
    Posted on December 26th

    there is ali

  4. Marry
    Posted on February 10th

    Well satisfied with this school, My kids really loved it there.

  5. Ali
    Posted on May 7th

    Greetings friend. Your Argument is invalid.

  6. Guest
    Posted on May 31st

    The instructor I had was horrible, showed up late every single class, don’t waste your time.

  7. Management
    Posted on June 1st

    Dear Guest, we apologize for the experience you may had with one of our Instructor. However we would like to know the name of the Instructor and can assure you that a proper disciplinary action will take place.

  8. Management
    Posted on June 2nd

    Its shame to see how some driving schools are posting fake comments to ruin our image. We have been tracking down several threads to see the pattern and it just makes us happy to see that they can’t compete with us in our customer Service so they instead adopted this poor business ethics to try to put us down. You can lie, but the truth will always prevail!