Who Wants Cheap Vehicle Insurance? 10 Steps for Beginner Canadian Drivers

Every new driver and their family knows that car insurance is expensive.

That is because new drivers are inexperienced and more likely to end up in an accident. However, you have to have a basic level of car insurance and not having any isn’t an option. You have to try and find cheap vehicle insurance. There are ways that you can cut down the cost of your insurance:

Comparison Shop

Car insurance can vary from as much as $1,000 or more between companies. You have to find competitive insurance for young drivers. Comparing car insurance rates is the best way to save money. The best way to do that is to shop on an insurance comparison website. In fact, you can even buy auto insurance online. Just compare the rates and choose the really cheap car insurance. The best site will have insurance experts on all to answer all your questions about cheap automobile insurance.

Raise your deductible

If you raise your deductible from $350 to $500 you can save up to 30% on your yearly premium. Raising it to $1,000 can save you up to 50%.

Consolidate your insurance

If you combine your policy together with your parent’s policy you can save up to 15%. That is huge when you are looking for cheap vehicle insurance.

Take a driver’s training course

If you take a driver’s ed course you can save 10-15% on your insurance premium.

Keep your grades up

If you are still in high school or college you want to get good grades. This can help you in getting really cheap auto insurance with many companies.

Buy a conservative car

If you are looking for a car then buying a conservative car like a Honda Accord instead of a Mustang can save you up to $1,000 or more a year.

Safety and Security

Insurance companies will give you discounts on anti lock brakes, air bags and automatic seat belts. If you want cheap automobile insurance look for a vehicle with these items. They will also give discounts for burglar alarms and anti theft devices in the car.

Get them to chip in

If your teenager pays for a portion of their insurance it will save you money and teach them responsibility.

Decrease Your Mileage

The number of miles you drive determines the amount of money you will pay on auto insurance. You should try carpooling to work or taking transit a few times a week. Try to cut down on your shopping trips too.

No claims discounts

This is where you can get cheap vehicle insurance from every year you don’t make a claim. The higher the discount the more you can save. Also, look for insurers who offer a no claims bonus for life feature. That is where your current discount level can be fixed forever! That means that even if you make a claim in the future your insurance rate stays the same.