Cleaner diesel engines are gaining popularity

Diesel powered vehicles haven’t gained widespread popularity with North American motorists. Historically, lower costs and reduced fuel consumption couldn’t offset the inferior output, odour and harshness posed by their operation.

In a society big on power and luxury, many perceived this type of engine as a sooty, noisy and smelly powerplant that saved fuel at the expense of performance.

That was then. Now, current technology has created a breed of ‘clean’ diesel engines which are gaining recognition and popularity.

Diesel powered cars account for up to 70 percent of new car sales in Europe- where fuel prices are considerably higher than they are in Canada. For years, Europeans have adapted to the high cost of driving by embracing the diesel engine.

The latest from the clean diesel front is coming to North America- and many of the models we’ll soon see are powered by advanced engines which have been available overseas for some time.

For instance, BMW’s three-litre, six-cylinder twin-turbo diesel engine will be available in Canada powering the X5 XDrive35d SUV and freshly updated 335d models. The powerplant has proven itself elsewhere in the world by winning several international awards- including ‘Engine of the Year’ on more than one occasion.

The engine utilizes a slew of cutting-edge technologies employed as part of BMW’s Efficient Dynamics strategy. It runs clean and quiet while delivering the driving thrills and refinement that characterize BMW’s lineup.

Robert Dexter, a BMW Group Product Specialist, says “the current generation of clean diesel engines have been produced for Europe and other markets for a few years now. The word is out that the driving dynamics of modern BMW diesels can barely be distinguished from the respective gasoline versions – and that they offer greater fuel economy and an exceptional torque curve.”

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