Common car insurance myths

The following are some of the most common misconceptions about auto insurance:
Car colour affects your premium
False. It doesn’t matter if your car is blue, red, silver, white, or black, your rate for that make and model will be the same.
2-doors cost more to insure than 4-doors
Not true. Insurers look at the car’s repair costs, theft frequency and previous claims history when determining the rate, not the number of doors.
Parking tickets will affect your insurance rate
Parking tickets do not count against your insurance, but unpaid fines might affect your ability to renew your vehicle plates or driver’s licence. If your licence ends up being suspended due to the unpaid fines, a licence suspension will likely affect your rate.
Getting a speeding ticket means your rates will go up
It depends. Your first minor speeding ticket may not affect your insurance rate. But get two or three, and you’ll likely pay more. Get a major speeding ticket or one for racing and your rates will go up for sure.
Only drivers with tickets or accidents should shop around for car insurance
Absolutely not. Even with a ticketless or accident-free driving record, comparing car insurance quotes will ensure you are getting the best rate possible. If it has been a while since you last shopped around for quotes, it could be worthwhile to do so now.
No matter which insurer you have coverage with, the rate you pay will be the same
Highly unlikely. Auto insurance rates vary considerably from company to company. See for yourself. At for example, you can get online car insurance quotes from competing companies. You’ll see that the range in rates available varies considerably between insurers.