Defensive Driving: Keep Your Family Alive

Did you know that the majority of collisions can be prevented and they are mostly because of driver mistakes?

One of the biggest killers in society is road victims. We have all had that thought: “What if we could be next?” A safe driver will drive defensively and know what is going on around them and looks out for other drivers, people and obstacles. A good driver knows that not everyone on the road will follow the rules of the road. I was so paranoid of developing bad driving habits that I signed up with my local defensive driving school.

You have to have skills, patience and alertness in defensive driving to avoid an accident or crash. Defensive driving is looking for hazards and staying alert. There are many professional defensive driving courses that you can take either online or through driver education schools. This can really lessen points and even keep them off your record. Defensive driving courses are usually a couple of months and online courses take 6-10 hours.

Here are some defensive driving tips you can use:

  • Slow down- especially when taking corners
  • never drink and drive
  • let others go ahead of you
  • leave at least a two second following distance between cars. If the weather is bad this distance should increase.
  • You should slow your speed in poor weather conditions
  • give larger vehicles more space, especially if they are turning or trying to pass. It takes longer to pass a larger vehicle.

Defensive driving schools and instructors can teach students what to do in case of brake failure.

You should grab the parking brake or put the vehicle into another gear while not losing control. Another skill is how to steer the car out of danger while still keeping control. These could be dangers like skidding and road debris where you should know how to avoid them. Defensive drivers are always looking for dangers on the road like bicyclists, pedestrians, children, pets etc. What about obstacles on the road like a box? It could be full of nails!

Defensive driving makes you think about every possible scenario so you won’t be caught off guard.

Now some insurance companies actually have discounts for drivers that complete a defensive driving course. Defensive driving does not have to be all about your driving skills. The best way to protect you and your family is to wear your seat belts. Research shows that vehicle occupants have a forty percent better chance for surviving a crash with a seat belt on them. The unfortunate fact is that every year about twenty percent of fatal injuries come from not wearing belts. Hundreds of individuals are disabled for life because they refused to wear a belt.

Let’s face it: every day we see people on the highway on their cell phones, talking to their partner, drinking coffee, soda or eating. Some people even have to multitask even while driving! After taking a defensive driving course you have to know when to pull out your skills, you will be happy you did. One season that is potentially dangerous is winter. You should make sure your windshield wipers are filled with a no freeze solvent. Defensive driving isn’t hard and it saves lives. You just have to learn how to drive properly and what to look for.