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2225 Erin Mills Parkway, Mississauga, L5K 1T9 Canada
905-822-0111, 905-822-0185
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About the Drive For Life:

Our Mission: Drive for Life is a state-of-the-art simulator training program that lets you experience the widest range of driving situations without being at risk.
Our Products & Services: We offer proven training programs for novice, experienced, corporate fleet and emergency services drivers.
Our Competitive Edge: The Drive for Life training program focuses on training drivers from the head down, not the feet up; to create drivers who are more energized behind the wheel. Our proven SPOT curriculum leverages simulation technology to produce better driving decisions. Our proven results lead to our unique recognition from leading insurance companies.
Aviva Canada Inc and Royal & SunAlliance and Western Assurance offer incremental discounts of 15-20% to novice drivers who complete the Drive for Life program. These discounts are in addition to any insurance savings provided by MTO programs.
Proud Members of:
Mississauga Board of Trade. In addition, we have partnered with the Mississauga Health & Safety Association to help reduce motor vehicle accidents for corporations and municipalities.
Mr. Shawn DeSantis, Vice President of Personal Insurance at Royal & SunAlliance Canada Group
"Investing in drive for life could be one of the smartest investments families with young drivers can make. As a company that gets involved in our communities, we have developed the StartSmart program - a series of insurance offerings that focus on driver safety. We want to ensure young drivers have the right tools to begin their driving careers correctly, and make it easier for parents to hand over the car keys to their young son or daughter. We are excited to be able to reward those people who are committed to safe driving with these insurance savings. But for me as a father, it's not about the cost - it's about ensuring the safety of my children on the road, and the safety of those around them."
Mr Bill Blackborow, President and CEO- Municipal Health & Safety Association.
"Our partnership with drive for life provides our clients, the Municipalities of Ontario, with a value added training service, in an effort to reduce and eliminate all fatalities associated with driving on the job. Motor vehicle incidents account for more than 50% of all Workplace Safety and Insurance Board fatality claims across all sectors. I highly recommend this program for all Municipalities in Ontario"

Drive for life is located the Sheridan Centre Shopping Mall, below the Food Court.

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