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Drive Maxx Driver Education


  • General Info

    We are highly trained professionals focusing on defensive driving techniques and strategies. With over a decade of instructional experience behind the wheel, we are an excellent source for our clients to become safe and courteous drivers of the future. Our commitment to society is to impart knowledge and teach skills to reduce the number of collisions and injuries on the roads.

    With simple, straight forward and step-by-step instructions of highly trained professional instructors, you will see a lot of improvement in your driving skills. Every single session will bring you closer to becoming a safe and confident driver. With carefully designed curriculum and practice sessions, our team is well prepared to serve you with honesty, diligence and patience.

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    Drive Maxx Driver Education
    2319 Keele St, Unit 205
    Toronto, ON, M6M 4A1, Canada
    Ph 416-245-9000
    Website: www.drivemaxx.com
    Email address:

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