Driver’s guide to satellite radio

1. How does it all work?
Satellite radio is a digital audio service originating from studios in Canada and the United States. It is broadcast throughout North America by satellites travelling in an orbit above the western hemisphere. Vehicles equipped with a satellite radio receiver and a subscription can access Sirius’ 120 channels of news, talk, sports and commercial-free music programming, which includes some of entertainment’s biggest names – Howard Stern, Martha Stewart, Cosmo Radio, ESPN, Hockey Night in Canada Radio, NASCAR and CNN.

2. How can I get satellite radio in my car?
It’s as easy as checking with your dealer as most new vehicles are available with satellite radio. Additionally, there are a variety of Sirius aftermarket dock-and-play and portable radios available that can be installed quickly and easily.
3. I live in a remote part of the country. Will I be able to get a signal?
Sirius Satellite radio provides coverage across North America from urban centres to some of the most remote regions. Even while you are travelling from one province to another or within the U.S., the reception will remain clear.
4. What about road trips?
Satellite radio was made for road trips. With Sirius, you won’t be out of range and you can drive from Victoria to Charlottetown or Winnipeg to Miami without ever having to change the channel.

5. What type of commercial-free music is available?
Sirius offers a variety of music that is completely commercial-free from almost every genre including 80s pop hits, classic rock, opera, hip hop, country and jazz. Sirius also offers channels dedicated to iconic musicians that have included Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Radio, Grateful Dead Radio, Paul McCartney’s Fireman Radio, Coldplay Nation, ABBA Radio and Neil Diamond Radio, among many others.

6. Can I listen at home?
With a plug-and-play Sirius radio and a homekit or boombox accessory, you can listen to satellite radio anywhere.

7. Can I listen online?
Subscribers can listen to Sirius programming over the Internet from their computer at home or work, at no additional cost.

Subscriptions are available for a monthly cost of $14.99. Subscribers can arrange to have a pay-as-you go monthly plan or a one, two or three year subscription.

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