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  • G1 SafeStart Driving Course

    At DriveWise our SafeStart program incorporates both in-depth theoretical in class training with safe and engaging simulations before moving to live, in car classes. Get a safe start with DriveWise’s SafeStart driver education program.

    The SafeStart Program offers a total of 40 hours of training with the following breakdown:

    • 20 Hours In-Class with 6 hours of driving simulation labs
    • 10 Hours Online Learning
    • 10 Hours In-Car Training
    What Makes SafeStart Different?
    • Students are encouraged to actively participate
    • Simulators create the safest environment for students to learn
    • Comprehensive program of theoretical and real-time learning
    • Every student receives hands-on, individualized attention addressed their needs as a driver
    For more information about our G1 Drivers program please visit our website.

  • Contacts
    Contact DriveWise today to book your spot in our next online course. We offer programs in both London and St. Thomas.

    DriveWise London

    DriveWise St. Thomas

    London, ON, Canada
    Website: drivewiselondon.ca
    Email address:

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