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About the Driving 101:

General Info

Driving 101 isn’t just another Calgary driving school. We combine over 25 years of experience in teaching and training with the latest developments in driving education to produce truly excellent drivers who are confident and self-assured behind the wheel. We truly excel at teaching individuals from all walks of life to drive safely. Our students learn better, and quicker, than students of other driving schools, and have a lot more fun while doing so.

We are committed to providing an efficient and valuable education, and strive to give you real value for your money by offering very reasonable rates.

What Makes Us Different

There’s more to being an excellent driver than just accumulating knowledge about driving and learning specific driving skills. If this were the case, all driving schools would be the same, everyone would pass their exam on the first try, and we wouldn’t have so many accidents. At Driving 101, we go beyond the basics.
This is what makes us different:

we have over 25 years of teaching experience
we know that learning should be quick, efficient, and fun
we offer free pickup and drop-off anywhere in the city
our prices are competitive and reasonable. We don’t charge extra by virtue of our experience or quality, as we believe this should be a given
we provide you with a broad range of courses to satisfy your needs
we have extensive experience teaching teenagers as well as people of various different cultural backgrounds. We are sensitive to individual needs and differences
we are very patient and respectful
our program is well-designed and effective. It is tried, tested, and true
if you are afraid of driving, we can make you confident and self-assured. Our graduates are proactive and defensive drivers, not passive ones
our classrooms are fun and interactive, which facilitates quicker and more in-depth learning
our schedule is flexible. We are available 7 days a week, including evening, weekend, and daytime classes
our programs are designed for today’s driver. We teach students the skills they need to meet the challenges of driving on today’s roads
you can finish your driving education in 10 short days, and then take your road test to acquire your license
you will enjoy driving a new model, not a relic from the 80’s
we offer a free mock test which prepares you for the road test

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