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École de Conduite Lauzon Jean-Talon


  • General Info

    At Lauzon Driving School, road safety is our priority. We have a qualified team to shape students into responsible, independent and conscientious drivers. Apart from the Road Safety Education Program, we also offer other services for your needs, whether it is for parallel parking, driving on the highway, or taking the driving exam. Our education emphasizes on the behaviour and the mindset of drivers. Our reason is simple: driving is more than just a technique!

  • Contacts
    École de Conduite Lauzon Jean-Talon
    600, rue Jean-Talon Est, bureau 101
    Montréal, QC, Canada
    Website: www.ecole-lauzon.ca
    Email address:

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  1. toro
    Posted on July 19th

    Nice school! good driving teachers, Young owners and connected to the world