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Ecole de conduite Omega


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    Ecole de conduite Omega
    524, rue Jean-Talon Ouest bureau 4
    Montreal, QC, Canada

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  1. Lulu
    Posted on October 2nd

    Just plain terrible. Stay away.
    1. They are disorganized: from losing your papers to scheduling you to wrong modules in a wrong language.
    2. Their instructors maybe know how to drive but have no clue how to teach. I was told that I should first to learn to drive with a parent or a friend and only then to come to their school!!! Then what are they for?
    3. It’s a money pit. You’ll end up paying much more than their announced price for the course. All books are required but not included in the price. You won’t learn anything during the driving lessons (no feedback from your instructor who spends all your lesson on a cell with his girlfriend or just plain ridicules you throughout the class) and then one day before a mid-course evaluation they tell you you’re gonna fail so you should pay for 3-5 extra driving hours before scheduling the next class.
    4. Theory classes are a pure waste of time. They’ll tell you stories about accidents they’ve seen or driving stories from their home countries (the school is founded and run by immigrants from all over the world) but will skip through the materials they are supposed to cover (or make comments like – “What is that on the slide?” or “What am I supposed to talk about here?” or “Oh, tha’ts not important”).

    Find another school, do yourself a favour.