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Elite Driving School Ltd


  • General Info

    Elite Driving School has been effectively serving Edmonton and area such as Beaumont, Sherwood Park, Capilano, downtown, Riverbend, Westmount, Argyll, Whyte avenue, University area, Brentwood, and Millwoods for several years now. We are confident that no other driving school in Edmonton will measure up to our quality of service. The most professional and experienced instructors responsible for on-road training are ready to teach you how to get on the road and start driving! Their experience and professional knowledge will prepare new drivers with techniques involved in driving.

  • Contacts
    Elite Driving School Ltd
    2019 61 Street Northwest
    Edmonton, AB, T6L 1M5, Canada
    Phone: 780-265-6990
    Website: www.elitedrivingschoolltd.com
    Email address:

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  1. sim
    Posted on July 31st

    i found your cell number 780-265-6990 thanks

  2. sim
    Posted on July 31st

    good thanks

  3. Norah Smith
    Posted on February 20th

    This Driving School is terrible! Save yourself the aggravation and don’t believe all the glowing reviews that have name in capital letters. What’s up with that? Lots of wasted time in class, so many “breaks” let’s just get it over with, besides telling me stuff that is incorrect about traffic circles and stop signs. Pretty major errors. I totally agree with Ashley about not paying attention. I did get my license but not because they were helpful — my boyfriend was so annoyed after I would tell him what I “learned” in class that I got him to teach me, even tho I’d heard it was a bad idea to learn driving from your boyfriend. But he was so much better than the driving school people!! Stay away from this Driving School!!

  4. Sara
    Posted on March 5th

    Not worth it! I really wished I’d spent a little more money and gone with a more reputable driving school like AMA. The classroom time was useless – there were SO MANY unnecessary breaks. Something that should take us 5 minutes to do/look at he would often times give us upwards of half an hour, and he would leave the classroom so we couldn’t even ask him any questions. A LOT of the “information” he gave us was wrong (little stuff like info about tires or demerit points), but I mean come on! The road instructor I had was not very nice, didn’t pay attention, and was on his phone the whole time. Nothing about this school seemed professional at all. All in all, I learned NOTHING, and honestly felt like I wasted my time and money. I wish I hadn’t gone with Noble Driving School. Take my advice and don’t!! Go somewhere else instead.