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E-Z Student Driving School


  • General Info

    Safe driving for life!
    * Learners preparation for learners exam
    * Basic and advanced driving course
    * Insurance Certification course
    * Brush up course
    * Hourly lessons
    * Senior driving assessments
    * Fleet/New Hire driving assessments

    - NASAP animal rescue
    - Literacy Foundation
    - Cerebral Palsy Foundation

    Car is available upon request for road tests

  • Contacts
    E-Z Student Driving School
    10410-118 Avenue
    Edmonton, AB, Canada
    Sirak (Head Instructor); Sharon 780-902-0039 (Senior Instructor/Office Manager)

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  1. nicole
    Posted on April 17th

    I highly recommend sharon at e-z student driving school.I was very nervous about driving.sharon provided a very calm and comfortable driving enviroment. I still remember all her tips and its been four. Years since I have done driver drivers training. If you need to drivers training go to sharon

  2. suzy
    Posted on August 30th

    E-Z driving school sucks…!! I never recommend anybody to go to this driving school. Here is how they work: 1) The instructor shouts and abuses you and makes you feel as if he is obliging you. 2) will not point out your mistake till the end of the lesson so forget about taking time to correct it. 3) will cancel your lessons frequently.will try to club 2 lessons together then and will make you drive for 1/2 the time. 4) Will try to pass on the buck to you for any cancellation so as to make money. 5) first instruction from them after just 5 minutes of driving: take more lessons. 6) Most of time in between lesson Instructor took phone call.

  3. Alana
    Posted on September 5th

    Looking around for a driving school I came across a couple of great reviews about a driving instructor named Sharon. I must say I was lucky to have found Sharon and to have had her as my driving instructor. Sharon exceeded my expectations and help ease my fears of driving. I am happy to say I am no longer fearful of driving and is confident in my driving abilities. Sharon is fun, easy going, friendly, and understanding. Anybody would benefit and be very lucky to have Sharon as their driving instructor.
    I believe she truly is the BEST!

  4. Angelica
    Posted on October 1st

    I was afraid of driving schools, after I checked the best reviews from E-Z Student Driving School I chose to go there. Sharon is great with the class! makes it joyful, dynamic and easy learning, She is very kind and patient. It might not be the most popular school in Edmonton, but is better trust in the reviews, I started from 0 knowledge and full of fear and insecurity, also english is not my first language, didn’t have any troubles at all. Was a great start for my new driving experience.

  5. Melissa
    Posted on October 4th

    I highly and confidently recommend Sharon after what she did for me in just two hours. Driving in a large city after growing up in northern Ontario was both intimidating and nearly impossible for me. After attempting my road test and failing miserably, my confidence was in the pits. My boyfriend suggested lessons with a professional and that’s exactly what I got. I did the two hour refresher course and it was the best money I ever spent. The first thing she showed me and had me try was the parallel park. I wasn’t even nervous, she explained it so simply and demonstrated so well I nailed it first try. She took me through various scenarios, baffled me with her knowledge and made the hole experience safe and enjoyable. You can tell this woman loves her job. She invested as much care and energy into me as a teacher who spends every day with her pupal would. She was an absolute God send and I’ll have you know, 2 days later I retried my road test and passed with flying colours, knocking nearly 100 points off my previous score. Thank you, Sharon, for making the roads a safer place!

  6. adnan
    Posted on December 4th

    Honestly best driving school out there, especially having a instructor like sharon, nicest lady you will meet. I recommend everyone to come here and do there schooling.

  7. Angela
    Posted on December 8th

    Sharon is an amazing instructor! I was terrified I drive and she definitely helped to make me feel at ease! She is not only fill of knowledge on driving but she is a verb compassionate and understanding to fear of being a new driver! I would recommend Sharon for anyone as a matter of fact I plan on having my son take the course and will be requesting Sharon as she is the best!!!! Thanks for all your help with the journey if getting my license!!

  8. Karina
    Posted on April 5th

    My Instructor was Sharon and she was absolutely amazing! She made me feel like she actually cared about me and took the time to explain things I had questions about. I was so scared/nervous about driving and she made things so much easier for me and was always patient and kind with every driving session we had. She always had a smile on her face and I could tell she really loved her job and helping people. I would 100% recommend E-Z student driving school . It was a great experience and I am so much more confident behind the wheel and am excited to finally have my license!!

  9. Derica
    Posted on April 26th

    My instructor was Sharon, I would definitely recommend her to anyone that is nervous behind the wheel, I joined ez driving school to get a better understanding of the road and definitely learn more than I expected. Sharon is very calm no mater the situation, she’s really nice and very well knowledged. if you need help go to ez driving school!

  10. Stephen
    Posted on May 9th

    I had the pleasure of being taught by Sharon as well – Very knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile for her students. As an older student who put off getting his license for far to long, Sharon did an amazing job working with my previous experience and providing a comprehensive overview of the material. Would definitely recommend her to any potential new drivers.

  11. Cassidy
    Posted on June 23rd

    I was granted the opportunity to be instructed by Sharon. She was a phenomenal instructor. She was so knowledgable and answered any questions I had. She made you feel really comfortable because she was super kind. She also made me a more confident driver. She had many tricks up her sleeve when it came to becoming a better driver and I warm very thankful she shared them with me. I was recommended to go to E-Z Student Driving School by a friend and I went with it because they had many great things to share about Sharon. If it wasn’t for Sharon and E-Z Driving School, I would not be the driver I am today.

  12. Mac
    Posted on July 11th

    Sharon is the best driving instructor you could possibly have!! She was very helpful, knowledgable and always a friendly and kind person. I recommend her to anyone who is just learning to drive as she is not only knowledgable, but she is an easy going person to be around and helps you relax as you are driving.

  13. Adam
    Posted on July 15th

    I’ve had 2 road training sessions with Sharon and I must admit that she was the best driving instructor I’ve ever had so far. I previously had a few sessions with anther driving school but I was not happy with their method of teaching and and lack of professionalism during training. I consider myself lucky to be able to find Sharon from E-Z Driving school and I personally recommend to anyone at any level of driving skills. She made me feel confident and provided an exact rationale behind the rules and more importantly how not to fail at real Road test. Thanks again Sharon!

  14. Barry
    Posted on July 18th

    I was referred to the owner by his colleague and after several attempts I had to give up calling him. He may not need my business at this time but he should have the courtesy to reply to phone messages. That is how you demonstrate that you care about clients, and not just their money. Business Mgt 101

  15. James
    Posted on July 24th

    I called sharon for lessons. she told me she couldn’t get me in. as she was leaving on a trip. she did refer me to the owner and made sure I knew that the owner/and his wife just had baby boy, and they were also expanding to new location, and if the owner did have space to take me out that he would. no guarantees as it was the busy time at schools I was told. I did call owner and he did call me back a few days later. I knew it might not be on same day I called just as I was told. if I had wanted out fast before a test days then I would have been making my calls sooner and not expect instant service.
    I was able to book a lesson with the owner about a week later when he was able to return my call.
    thank you for helping me get my drivers

  16. Barry
    Posted on July 24th