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Ontario G1 Practice Test 1


This G1 test contains 2 sections of 20 sample driving test questions in each of them.

Sample G1 Practice Test 2


Take this G1 test to see how much you know about Ontario (ON) road signs & road rules.

Sample G1 Practice Test 3


Forty questions to help you figure out whether you are prepared for the MTO's real G1 test.

Ontario G1 Practice Test 4


Sample knowledge test to help you prepare for the Ontario G1 exam.

Ontario G1 Practice Test 5


Ontario g1 practice test that will help you prepare for the official G1 test.

Ontario G1 Practice Test 6


Try this new G1 practice test [100 Road Signs] before you take your G1 test!

G1 Practice Test 7


Take this new G1 test [100 Rules of the Road questions] with immediate feedback.

G1 Maximum Practice Test


This Maximum G1 test contains 200 questions (road signs & rules) with immediate feedback.

G1 Road Signs Marathon


This G1 test contains 100 questions about ON road signs. Keeps going until you're 100% ready.

Road Rules G1 Test Marathon


Take this sample G1 test to perfect your Ontario rules of the road.

Maximum G1 Marathon


Our grand G1 preparation test containing 200 questions on the road signs and road rules in Ontario.

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Absolutely amazing!!! Most of the questions were presented exactly the same on the real thing. I breezed through the actual written test and got every question right thanks to these practice tests! Sarah

Your tests are just amazing, the questions are straight off the actual G1 test. Your site is the only study tool I used, and I passed the first time. THANKS SO MUCH! Sanjay

This was an awesome way to study for my G1 test. When I went to write the test at the Drive Test centre they had the same questions that are on here!! Study hard with these practice tests, and when you go and write the test you will pass with only one payment!!!! Good luck! Amanda, Ontario

Thank you so much for your free online guide..i passed my g1 just by going through your marathon tests… Highly recommended…. Ambika

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I only used this to study for a couple days to take my G1’s and I passed with only 2 mistakes!! I don’t know what I would have done without it! Jessica

Your tests were so helpful. I was more than prepared for the written test. I enjoyed taking the tests and learned the information required to pass the G1 test so much faster than just reading the book alone. I wrote the test yesterday and it only took me a few minutes and passed easily. The tests are very close to the actual G1 test. Thank you very much for preparing such a useful tool. Krista

I would highly reccommend these tests.Whatever answers you get incorrect i suggest you go look it up and understand it. Anyway I got perfect on my exam. Thanks alot Cindy

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This is amazing! Your practice test has made me feel very confident in passing the real test! Thank you so much for providing this!! Alex

These questions were almost identical to the ones given on the test!! SO HELPFUL!!! Gabriella

Great a lot better than the book I failed my driving test more than 10 times so far and after taking the online practice test I feel more confident that I will pass the G1 road test. Dany

The questions are good. The interface looks great. Everything is very clear and it helps you learn from your mistakes. Best practice I’ve found! Ryan

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I loved the layout it was very clear and educational. No other practise tests i have taken have indicated a pass or a fail so that was extremely helpful. Emma

These tests were great considering that some people might not have the most up-to-date handbook. It gives you the right answer right away so you don’t remember the wrong ones and having to go back and check. Kat

Thank you, these tests were incredibly helpful, the website is neat and sophisticated and keeps my interest, I wish more people knew about this, then nobody would fail. Kelly

“I enjoyed it, questions were well written unlike other websites i’ve tried. Good job! Beenish

I took a chance to do this test to see how much I remember, I think everyone should do this is takes the pressure off when it comes of doing the real exam. Thank u for coming up with the G1 testing. Patrick

I think it was excellent I am 80 years old and I have been worried about taking the written test but i am feeling better everytime I practice.I will keep practicing until I get them all right.Jim

I haven’t had my g1 test yet, but these marathon questions are amazing:) Janice

More legitimate than other G1 practise test sites. Tom

Wow, this really helped me learn what I needed to know, also the tests look so real ! Michael

#1 G1 Test Preparation Resource in Ontario!

With our collection of free Ontario G1 practice tests you will pass on your 1st try! Our state-of-the-art practice tests have been carefully prepared to give you just that: confidence. Confidence in Ontario road signs. Confidence in Ontario road rules. Confidence in yourself. It's all here - and it's all FREE. Anytime you have a few minutes, our practice tests are here for you. Each of the 11 tests features between 40 and 200 multiple choice questions in two sections about Ontario road signs and rules of the road. Easy to use, click-to answer controls enable you to effortlessly navigate through the questions and view the correct answers and explanations instantly. Finish each test and share your score on Facebook. How well can your friends do? All of our practice tests were designed using the official Ontario G1 Handbook. Unlike other G1 preparation websites, we do not sell you anything. We also update our practice tests regularly to make sure you're practicing this year's questions! Each G1 practice test follows the same format that is used on the REAL G1 Test: 2 sections (Road Signs + Rules of the Road), 20 questions each. To pass, 4 mistakes in each section are allowed. Click one of the buttons above to start the selected test right now! Take our ON G1 practice test, and you'll pass the real G1 exam in no time! Good luck!

G1 Practice Tests FAQ
  • How does it work?
    Our FREE G1 Practice Tests help you prepare for your Ontario G1 Test in order to get your driver's license in Ontario, Canada. We provide sample test questions and simulate the real G1 test to help you build confidence and get ready for all sorts of questions related to Ontario traffic rules.

  • Do I have to pay anything?
    NO! We do not charge you a penny. We don't even require registration or logging in! Simply choose a test and start practicing.

  • Where do all the questions come from?
    Our questions were carefully designed and worded to imitate those of the real G1 test as much as possible. We have used the official Ontario Driver's Handbook, several other award-winning G1 preparation materials, feedback from our users who passed their G1, and our own successful G1 experience to create these unique practice tests that will help you cover all the bases.

  • Are your questions the same as those at the REAL G1 Test?
    There is no way to know exactly what questions you personally will get. However, even though Ontario DriveTest centers seem to have several question sets that they rotate at random, our questions are very similar - often identical! - to the questions you will be asked when you go to take your own G1. Over the years we have received a lot of positive feedback from Ontario drivers who claim that our G1 Practice Tests were sometimes the only resource that helped them pass! See our 'Testimonials' page to see what other beginner drivers say about our tests.

  • What if I only want to practice Road Signs (Rules of the Road)?
    Sometimes you may feel that you only need to practice either Road Signs section or Rules of the Road (including demerit points). With such situations in mind we have prepared separate Marathon tests for G1 Road Signs Practice and G1 Road Rules Practice.

  • Is the format of your G1 practice tests similar to that of the real G1?
    Our tests were build to imitate the real G1 Test in every aspect. To ensure your experience with us is nearly identical to the 'real deal', all of our tests except marathons have the same number of questions (40). We also organized our practice tests the same way (2 sections with 20 questions in each), and adopted the same scoring system (4 mistakes allowed for each section) as the real G1 Test. However, to help you learn the questions and answers better we have gone one step further. All of our driving practice tests contain Hints (short triggers to help you when you don't know the answer) and Explanations (longer references that are only displayed when you give the wrong answer).

  • What if I haven't finished my test, but need to go (close browser/turn off computer)?
    If you're doing a test and have to switch to something else (open another website, close your browser or even turn off your computer), we'll remember where you left off and next time you visit that test we'll display your progress, so that you can continue practicing your sample G1 test from the question where you left off (this is made possible by remembering your computer via cookies).

  • What's the BEST way to practice for my G1 test?
    We suggest you do the tests in the order they are on the page: Test One, Test Two, Test Three, Test Four, Test Five. After that you should be ready to check how well you know the Road Signs by taking the Road Signs Marathon, then - Rules of the Road by taking the Road Rules Marathon, and finally - the Maximum Marathon that contains the jumbled questions from ALL the G1 Practice Tests. *Please note that we do not show the correct answers in Marathons on purpose. Instead, if you make a mistake we'll keep showing you this question again and again at a later point until you answer correctly!

  • What are the 'hints' and 'explanations'?
    In the lower left corner of every test there is a 'Hint' link - click it when you have no idea about the correct answer. Instead of guessing the answer, read our short hint, it should help you answer. Also, on every G1 practice test (except the Marathons) every time you provide a wrong answer you'll see the 'Explanation' section right below the choices. Read it carefully - it's there to help you remember. *Please note that there will be no hints or explanations at the real G1 Test - we're only using them on our practice tests to help you learn the questions and answers better!

  • How do I track my progress?
    Tracking your progress is very simple. On the left-hand side of every G1 test there is a section (vertical grid) with numbers. Every question cell changes its color depending on your current progress. It becomes green when you answer that question correctly, and red - when you give the wrong answer. Additionally, in Marathon G1 Practice Tests the questions may get colored yellow - this means you got this question wrong and the system will display it to you once again later.

  • What are G1 Marathons? Why no correct answer is displayed there?
    G1 Marathons are our unique compilations of questions that have a slightly different algorithm than other practice tests. Unlike 'regular' G1 Practice Tests, no correct answer is displayed in Marathons. We are doing this on purpose, because every time you give the wrong answer in a Marathon test, the system remembers that question (and marks it yellow on the left-hand grid) and will display the same question to you again at some later point. This way, a Marathon Test only ends when you have answered ALL 100% of questions properly!

  • Do you have any practice tests for other provinces?
    YES! We have driving practice tests for every Canadian province and territory! Please visit the main page to choose your test.

  • How effective are these G1 Practice Tests?
    Every day from 2 to 3 thousand Canadians take our practice tests. Over the years, we have received only positive feedback: hundreds and hundreds of users claim that it was because of our written practice tests that they were able to pass their knowledge test (see our 'Testimonials' page). To achieve the best result, we recommend that you take the whole complex of G1 Practice Tests including all three Marathons until you get 100% in each of them.

  • I want to know more about the Ontario G1 Test
    We have prepared a few guides for those who need more information about the requirements and the structure of this test. Please see the following links: G1 Exam Step By Step.

  • I think I'm ready for the real G1 Test. What do I do next?
    Please see our step-by-step guide to getting your Ontario Driving License. It will help you understand the stages of the Ontario graduated licensing system and will tell you what your next step should be.

  • I have a question that's not answered above.
    If you can't find the answer to your question above, please contact us at or use our contact form, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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