Full G License

Many novice drivers of any age are more likely to get into accidents and fatal collisions.

Now there is graduated licensing in Canada. This is for all drivers who are applying for their first car or motorcycle license.This type of licencing allows you to obtain driving skills and experience slowly and in lower risk environments. It is a two step system and takes at least 20 months to complete and has two road tests. Passing the Level Two or full g road test will give you full G driving privileges. The full g license test will let you drive on the expressway. However, you have to complete and sign a “Declaration of Highway Driving Experience” to make sure you have experience enough to drive on the highway.
On this form you have state how many times in the previous three months before the full g driving test you drove on the highway at speeds of at least 80km/h.
You also have to indicate the length of those trips fewer than 5km, between 5 and 15km and over 15km. These roadways include 400, 401, 402,403, 404, 405m 406, 407,409,410,416,417, 420, 427, Queen Elizabeth Way, Don Valley Parkway7, Gardiner Expressway, E.C. Row Expressway and the Conestoga Parkway. If you don’t have the proper experience then the test has to declare the full g license test “out of order” and cancel it. In this case you lose 50% of your prepaid test fee. When you reschedule you will have to pay the amount lost through the out of order.

It can take up four to 8 months to get the full g license.

You can cut down that time by taking a driver education course.

You can test for the G full license one year after getting the G2. This is where some lesson from a driving school can help.

You should look into:

  • in class lessons leading into road lessons
  • go straight to road lessons
  • driving with a family member with a license for 5 years or more. You can use it while you wait and then in the test itself.

With the full g license you can drive anywhere day or night and have up to 0.08% of alcohol in your body.

At the beginning a G2 driver can only carry one passenger in their vehicle aged 19 or under. However, after 6 months and until they get the full g license or turn 20 they can carry three people 19 and under. How to get a full g license involves a number of steps and patience on the part of the driver. One thing to remember is that in order to keep your driving privileges you have to graduate to the full class license. If you don’t your license will expire and you will have to take the level one knowledge test or the level one road test all over again to qualify for the level two.

Getting to your full go license can seem overwhelming at times, but if you study, prepare and take some classes you will be on your way to the freedoms of driving your own vehicle.