G Class Drivers

Driving school in Burlington, ON, Canada

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3040 New St, Unit 208 (Corner of Gulf Line & New St.) , Burlington, L7N 1M5 Canada
905-920-5809, 905-5314242, 905-634-1112
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About the G Class Drivers:

General Info

Preparing drivers for G1, G2 and G! LOGO2

Our Road Safety Professional in-car instructors provide expert training,
supervision and evaluation to both novice and experienced drivers.

Special Simulator Training: Highly recommended for seniors! We can put you back on the road. Virtual Driving Simulator Training

  • Certificates recognized by insurance industry

  • Course reduces the road test period from 12 to 8 months

  • Includes city, highway and freeway driving

  • Evening & weekend courses

G Class Drivers is located in Burlington, ON and providing quality training to students.

Our Goals

Class Driving School Goals

  • To teach you defensive driving skills and techniques to help you drive collision-free.

  • To offer programs that will entitle you to maximum saving on car insurance premiums.

  • To help you pass your road test by teaching you knowledge of the traffic laws.

Our programs are fully approved by Ministry of Transportation and certified by Insurance Bureau of Canada.

Visit www.gclassdrivers.com for more information.

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