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G Class Drivers


  • General Info

    Preparing drivers for G1, G2 and G! LOGO2 Our Road Safety Professional in-car instructors provide expert training, supervision and evaluation to both novice and experienced drivers. Special Simulator Training: Highly recommended for seniors! We can put you back on the road. Virtual Driving Simulator Training

    • Certificates recognized by insurance industry
    • Course reduces the road test period from 12 to 8 months
    • Includes city, highway and freeway driving
    • Evening & weekend courses
    G Class Drivers is located in Burlington, ON and providing quality training to students.

  • Our Goals

    Class Driving School Goals

    • To teach you defensive driving skills and techniques to help you drive collision-free.
    • To offer programs that will entitle you to maximum saving on car insurance premiums.
    • To help you pass your road test by teaching you knowledge of the traffic laws.
    Our programs are fully approved by Ministry of Transportation and certified by Insurance Bureau of Canada.

  • Contacts
    G Class Drivers
    3040 New St, Unit 208 (Corner of Gulf Line & New St.)
    Burlington, ON, L7N 1M5, Canada
    905-920-5809, 905-5314242, 905-634-1112
    Website: www.gclassdrivers.com
    Email address:

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