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G1, G2 Driving School Milton


  • About us

    We pride in imparting new drivers with defensive driving skills for last 8 years. We firmly believe in training our students to become responsible drivers on roads. Right now we have three convenient training centres in Milton and Burlington and offer free pick-ups and drops to our students. Our team consists of tenured instructors professionally capable of preparing you for rigorous Ontario driving road test. Our in-class training program allows you to learn various defensive driving skills, which will be also taught hands on road. We use various teaching methods to make our in-class programs fun and educative. Teaching methods include classroom instruction, overhead, presentations, videos, debates, emulations using model cars, quizzes and worksheets.

  • Key Features

    -Our program encompasses 20 hrs in-class training, 10 hrs in-car lessons and 10 hrs for review and self-study -The program is priced competitively and our students can benefit from flexible schedules and payment terms at only $465.00 inclusive of taxes -Knowledge regarding defensive and strategic driving techniques -Understanding of environmental conditions that effect driving and your safe reaction -Demonstrate knowledge and decision making skills in routine and emergency driving situations -Importance of driver fitness and collision avoidance -Learn the latest defensive techniques -Learn parallel parking, 3-point turn, freeway driving and all defensive maneuvers

  • Contacts
    G1, G2 Driving School Milton
    500 Childs Drive
    Milton, ON, L98 5G2, Canada
    (905)- 633- 7125 or 905-630-6000
    Website: www.g1-g2.com
    Email address:

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