G1 Test Locations

If you live in Ontario, you have the option of looking around and picking the Ontario G1 test locations along with the time you want to take your driving test.

There is a list of all the test centres in the province of Ontario that can be found online: Official DriveTest G1 Test Locations. One such centre is located downtown on Bay Street in Toronto, Ontario. This particular centre offers tests that are done on paper. This depends on where you live. It doesn’t matter if the conditions are different from your normal driving conditions. There seems to be some easy and more difficult places where you can take your test.

There are seven Drive Test locations that are in the Top 10 in the province and have passed drivers with low scores.

The failure rates were the highest in Brampton with 48% and Barrie the lowest at 22%. Not all Ontario G1 test locations are the same when deciding the pass and failure rates of drivers. The location of the G1 road test makes a difference in your passing or failing. In Ontario there are twelve centres now open for individuals wanting to take their G1 road test. The new centres are open in Kingston, St, Catherine’s, Bancroft and Ottawa.

These G1 Test Locations will provide written license tests, road test, out of province and out of country licenses:

  • Bancroft
  • Barrie
  • Brampton
  • Chatham
  • Kingston
  • Kitchener
  • North Bay
  • Ottawa Canotek
  • Ottawa Walkley
  • St. Catherine’s
  • Thunder Bay
  • Toronto Port Union

The road test will assess your driving skills. You will be tested on your ability to follow the rules of the road and drive safely. The G1 road test deals with basic skills.

There are some G1 exit test tips that you can follow when you are at the Ontario G1 test location:

  • always drive the speed limit
  • don’t go too slow
  • driving into the centre lane is fine
  • don’t do a lane change if not needed
  • always use the parking brake while parking
  • back into a parking space
  • always wear shoes

When you do take G1 exit test ask your instructor to take you around the location so you can get a hang of it and you will become more confident about your test and driving abilities. Make sure that all the instructions your tester gives you are followed to the letter and done quickly. The tester cannot coach you during the test so if you have any questions as them before you get started. Always check your blind spots twice. If you can’t make a turn then just keep going and don’t do anything dangerous because then you will definitely fail! Also, before the G1 exit road test make sure your vehicle’s brake lights and indicators are working.

Make sure you check your mirrors and move your head to indicate your checking. Obey the traffic signs and conditions and maintain the speed limit. The fact is that many Torontonians are looking for the easiest course then can find to take their G1 road test. Many instructors actually talk immigrants into paying expensive fees to rent cars and then drive to out of town easier locations. The GTA tests more immigrants who struggle with driving rules. Some locations can run shorter tests then the ministry standards and some want parallel parking in tiny spaces. Either way you have to be comfortable with the location and the instructor in order to do well on your test.