Throw Away Your Drivers Handbooks – Get Ready for Your G1 Test Online

If you want to practice for your G1 test you can take the test online through in Canada and it is free.

The great thing about using these G1 practice tests is that they follow the same format that is used in the Real G1 written test for Ontario. There are two sections with 20 questions each. They cover road signs and the rules of the road. In order to pass you can’t make more than 4 mistakes in each section in each driving theory test. When you answer the question on the left you will see the answer on the right in green for the right answer and red for the wrong answer. There are five G1 practice tests and three Marathon G1 tests. The Marathon G1 is a maximum practice test and has a 100% score. The marathons will only finish when you have answered all the questions right!

There are different titles you can click on that are easy to follow and laid out in an organized and educated way. You simply check the correct answer in the row or questions. You are even given a hint to help you choose the right answer. Every G1 practice test on this site is set up to mimic the real driving theory test in Ontario. It uses the same structure and passing system. It is a simple driving test that does include the hints. The G1 Road Signs Marathon has 100 questions. When you complete this set of marathon questions you will know what the road signs stand for. In this marathon there are no losers and no passing scores. It was actually built to make sure you learn the signs. If you make a mistake the system will tell you and you get that question again at a later point in the test. You take it again and again until you give the correct answer. The road rules marathon is set up the same way.

Here again if you make a mistake you continue until you get the correct answer. The final test is the G1 Maximum Practice Test Marathon with 200 questions. This is the biggest test on the site and includes questions from all the other G1 tests. It should be used last just before you go to the G1 Test Centre to take the real examination. Then once you have passed this Maximum Marathon Test you will have been taught everything you could possibly need in order to get your license and succeed as a licensed driver. If you want to find out more about the school and the students then all you have to do is read the many testimonials from satisfied clients. Everyone who has used this site has boasted that it is exactly like the real tests and that they found it easy to use. This site has helped a myriad of Canadian students young and old complete their exams and start driving.

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