G2 Exam: Using Your Own Car

You can use your own vehicle when you take the Ontario road test (G2 test) however you could pay more because of the insurance. You can always call the driving test center and find out. Some instructors would rather you take the first test with one of their companies cars in order to gauge your driving abilities. The good thing about using your own car is that you have that feeling of freedom and you will be familiar with it and know where everything is located. You will know where all the control and instruments are located and how they work.A very important part of driving is being able to use the equipment in your car without your eyes leaving the road.

If you use your own car for G2 exam, then you must follow these requirements:

  • your car should be insured for this exam
  • it has to have a current MOT certificate and be taxed and road worthy
  • the front passenger seatbelt has to work
  • L-plates must be place in the front and back of the car
  • must have an unobstructed view to the back of the car
  • must have an inside mirror for the examiner
  • must have a head restraint in the front passenger seat
  • an interior rear view mirror must be there for the test examiner
  • any specially adapted cars could be void of these requirements

If your car does not meet these requirements your G2 test will be cancelled and you will lose your fee.

  • no rear bumper
  • vehicle won’t start
  • broken brake lights
  • stalling vehicle
  • invalid sticker
  • damaged windshield
  • loose muffler
  • missing wheel nut
  • flat tire
  • missing seatbelt
  • broken turn signal

The examiner will probably make you sign a document proving your insurance is in order. The test will not be conducted until you sign. The night before the test you should make sure you have a full night’s sleep and a nutritional breakfast.

You also need to make sure you take the proper documentation including

  • your test appointment card
  • your driving licence
  • some form of ID with a photo.

You will usually have at least an hour for a lesson before the G2 test starts. This helps to calm down the individual taking the test and lets them warm up to the car and feels more comfortable. This way you can find any hazards and avoid them during your G2 test.

G2 Exam

You will be given a 40 minute driving assignment that will include some moves and an emergency stop, sometimes parallel parking and some reversing procedures. You are allowed up to 15 mistakes and still pass the test. However, don’t struggle with all your mistakes just keep going. Remember that being nervous is normal and it can actually improve your overall performance.
The Examiner is just a person like you so don’t let them intimidate you in any fashion. Never talk too much to the examiner, instead follow their directions. They are just there to see how you would normally drive and explain anything you think they need to know. Take your movements slow and think them through. You can always change your mind. If you do start feeling overwhelmed then take a deep breath and exhale slowly to relieve any tension. Even if you feel like you are failing just keep going and don’t give up. This way you won’t make any unnecessary errors and end up failing.

Using your own vehicle can be a plus when you are taking a G2 driving test but make sure everything else is in order.