Get ready for spring…change your oil

57331HA vehicle’s oil is imperative for lubricating the engine and assisting in cooling. The steady flow of oil through the engine eliminates much of the heat that is generated and seals the piston rings so they function properly. Good oil will also clean the engine by removing sludge, carbon and more.Changing your oil at home can be simple and is a great way to save money (oil prices are pretty high these days!). The pros at PartSource have the following tips for changing your oil this spring:

  • Every vehicle is different, so always follow the vehicle’s owner’s manual.
  • Prepare your tools and supplies before you begin
  • Watch out for hazards in and around your workspace and always wear safety glasses, a dust mask and latex gloves.
  • Use the correct tools -- substituting items can compromise your safety or your vehicle’s performance.
  • If the job requires specialized knowledge beyond your abilities, seek the assistance of a parts pro, professional mechanic or installer.

Make sure the engine is cooled completely before you begin.
Pour gunk engine flush into the crankcase (where you pour the oil in). This flush will help remove gum, varnish, and sludge from the engine compartment.
Run the vehicle at idle for 5 minutes. Do not drive the vehicle with the gunk engine flush in.
Loosen the drain plug. Put the drain pan under the drain plug.
Once all the oil has drained, place your new sure drain plug into the oil pan, and twist on the protective dust cap. The next time you change your oil you won’t have to remove the drain plug; you’ll only have to attach a drain hose.

Now put the drain pan under the oil filter. Remove the oil filter with your oil filter wrench.

Install the new oil filter, tightening according to specs. (See your parts pro if you need specs.)

Fill the crankcase with new oil -- you’re done!

If your vehicle is driven in extreme heat or often started in the cold, synthetic oil will help protect the engine better. Synthetic motor oil, when compared to conventional motor oils, offer serious performance benefits:

  • Superior protection in low temperatures, enabling easier and faster start-ups in cold weather (as low as -40°F)
  • Enhanced high-temperature durability, reducing oxidation and wear on critical engine parts (up to 400°F)
  • Reduced oil consumption under high-speed conditions and superior performance under heavy engine loads/stresses, such as hauling and towing

PartSource carries everything required for your oil change needs.

-- News Canada