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Glenn’s Driving School Ltd.


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    Glenn’s Driving School Ltd.
    9006 132nd Avenue - 307
    Edmonton, AB, T5E 0Y2, Canada

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  1. Not Impressed
    Posted on November 24th

    Just the one lesson. Old hand written forms and a run down office. The car I was in had a rattle coming from the front suspension that had me concerned. Although I was there to prep for a class 4 the instructor (Glenn himself) wouldn’t allow me to enter a double lane road until both lanes in the same direction were clear. I won’t be returning. Surprised that they are a Consumer’s Choice Award Winner.

  2. Susan
    Posted on April 5th

    I had a great time taking my classes at glenn’s they’re very reasonably priced good location to for driving practice Ray and Glenn are both very knowledgeable in driving and are very patient and understanding instructors will recommend this school to all my friends and family thanks for helping me pass my road test guys!

  3. Kati
    Posted on April 27th

    I took driving lessons through Glenns driving school a few months ago. I thought they did an amazing job. Ray went over everything needed during the classroom sessions. By the time I was taking my driving lessons I felt like I knew everything I needed to know. With Glenn as my instructor I felt confident and safe. I took all ten hours of lessons then was able to take my test the very next day. I aced it, and it was all because of Glenns. I did not have many opportunities to practice driving away from driving school, so all of my experience and knowledge was a direct result of my classroom time and lessons. Thank you so much Glenn and Ray, it is because of you that I am a confident comfortable driver with all the tools I need to handle any situation. My brother and sister have both been through Glenns, and after my experience I can guarantee you my daughter will also be taking lessons through Glenns in a couple years.

    In response to the comment about having two clear lanes to turn right: While driving one day I asked Glenn if this was a law or just best practice and he replied it is best practice. Although I do not always wait until there are two lanes of traffic, I understand how very easy it is to turn slightly too wide and go into the other lane-especially if you are just learning to drive. In most cases would much rather wait until I am definitely safe as opposed to rushing through a turn and possibly causing a collision.

  4. Kacey
    Posted on July 3rd

    I took lessons with them last month (Driver’s Ed in the classroom in May), and I couldn’t believe how comfortable and enjoyable they were able to make driving for me! I had absolutely no experience behind the wheel, but in three weeks they had me well prepared for the exam. I passed on my first try. Seriously, Ray gives great advice and Lala is an extremely patient instructor! You’ll be in good hands if you decide to go to Glenn’s.