Go farther on less with a diesel engine

56436HClean diesel is about to impact our marketplace in a big way, and automakers are utilizing the latest technologies to create diesel engines which can change the public’s perception of the often overlooked fuel source.Historically, diesel was considered a noisy, smoky and rough way to power a car- though nowadays, the compromise is gone. Diesel output, smoothness and refinement are all at all-time highs, while fuel consumption is at an all-time low. The benefits of the diesel engine are thus now more prominent than ever.

Robert Dexter, a technology specialist at BMW, explains “the obvious attributes of a diesel engine are its advantage in useable power (torque) and increased fuel efficiency. Automatically going hand-in-hand with the increase in fuel efficiency is the natural reduction in emissions, as the vehicle goes further on the same volume of fuel”.

Shoppers opting for a new generation clean-diesel engine can expect improved mileage, exceptional emissions performance, and plentiful torque – the latter equating to generous acceleration and added confidence while towing.

Drivers frequently traveling long distances, and those who prioritize fuel economy are the most likely to closely consider the compromise-free performance of a clean diesel engine in their next vehicle.

More information on cutting-edge diesel technology can be found online at www.bmw.ca/diesel.

-- News Canada