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Great Canadian – Truck Forklift Heavy Equipment School


  • General Info

    Serving all of the GTA Our Mission: To train individuals to safely and effectively operate any bus, truck, forklift or large machinery. Our Products & Services: We provide excellent training for all experience levels. Our qualified and experienced trainers will show you how to drive with confidence. We welcome HRSDC, WSIB, EI & Social Assistance. Job placement is available. Schedule: We offer truck training from 6 AM to midnight. Every class contains following:

    • INTRODUCTION TO THE TRUCKING INDUSTRY & RULES OF THE ROAD Designed to create an awareness of tactics that can reasonably be used to prevent collisions in spite of the actions and the conditions encounter by processional drivers.
    • TECHNIQUES OF DEFENSIVE DRIVING A continuation of the teaching and the techniques in applying defensive driving skills for professional drivers.
    • LEGISTLATIONS, RULES & REGULATIONS This lesson will provide an introduction to all the legislation, rules and regulations governing the trucking industry - Canadian and American
    • TRANSPORTATION OF DANGEROUS GOODS Designed to teach what every person who deals with dangerous goods in any manner needs to know to do their job, in compliance with the Canadian and American Acts and Regulations, operating to the trucking industry.
    • HOURS OF SERVICE REGULATION (Log Book) Helping students understand and comply with both Canadian and American hours of work regulations, as per National Safety Code and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.
    • INSPECTIONS, MAINTENANCE AND FUEL ECONOMY Conducting pre-trip, en route, and post-trip inspections, learn to identify vehicle malfunctions, explain systems and recognize conditions to enhance fuel economy.
    • HANDLING CARGO/DOCUMENTATION & CANADA/USA BORDER CROSSING PROCEDURES Dealing with the paperwork and administration aspects associated with the trucking industry.
    • ROAD TEST PREPARATION & EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES Review of driving skills required including testing procedures. Students will be exposed to information regarding employers in the trucking industry and application and interviewing procedures.

  • Contacts
    Great Canadian -- Truck Forklift Heavy Equipment School
    5200 Finch Ave. East, Unit # 301
    Scarborough, ON, Canada
    (416) 746-8700
    Email address:

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