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International Driving School


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    International Driving School
    357 Queenston Road, Suite 355
    Hamilton, ON, Canada

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  1. Anonymous
    Posted on December 10th

    Really great school! Learned a lot of information that I didn’t really think to learn. The instructors were really helpful and friendly!

  2. Anonymous
    Posted on March 18th

    Awesome place to learn! Not hard at all. You pick up on a lot of stuff you might not have known before,

  3. Steven
    Posted on June 6th

    In class lesson were really awesome. However, i would like to suggest to the test takers that don’t prefer That male In car instructor called “Mr.Khanna”. The worst instructor i have ever seen. He always prefer to discourage and demoralize us. He talk on his cellphone during whole class. The most embarrassing thing i have faced is at the first class of lesson he told me to find a car and do practice. if I have someone who can give me practice lesson then i would never go there to learn car. He just pretend to show that he is good but he was always confused with his own sentence.

    Thats it.

    Make sure I already aware you guys. it up to you now. good luck.s

  4. Joe
    Posted on June 18th

    Amazing and funny instructor. Passed my g2 in one try!