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Jeff’s Brampton Driving School


  • General Info

    WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT FROM Jeff's Driving School A lesson is not a productive one unless you LEARN / IMPROVE YOUR SKILLS - (next time you take a driving lesson ask yourself "Am I here to get yet another 60 minutes of 'practice' or rather to learn a tangible skill"?). It is my goal to make you an actively thinking driver, driver who has to make critical decisions. Lecturing and giving directions by an instructor are some of the least effective methods to learning how to drive (you may find the above familiar if you have tried a family member's help lately). You will be amazed how passing a road test takes care of itself once you have the skills of safe driving.

  • Training Packages

    Whether you are an absolute beginner or a more seasoned driver, our driver training will challenge both your mental and physical abilities. My driver training will: improve your car handling skills make you recognize that both your car and yourself are subject to real physical limitations apply defensive approaches in various driving situations prepare you for a challenge of passing a driving test I am sure that at the end of your training you will get to appreciate the benefits of knowledge and awareness of becoming a safe driver. Most likely you will realize, there is no price you can put on a collision free driving and the safety of yourself and your close ones.

  • Contacts
    Jeff’s Brampton Driving School
    341 Main Street, Suite # 205
    North Brampton, ON, L6X 1N6, Canada
    (647) 885-1970
    Website: jeffsbramptondrivingschool.com
    Email address:
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