How to keep safe with defensive driving

June is National Drive Safe month and there is no better time to raise awareness of the importance of defensive driving. With summer underway, more Canadians are hitting the road and need to be reminded that taking a defensive approach to driving can help prevent road accidents. Defensive driving reduces the risk of accidents by anticipating dangerous situations, despite adverse conditions or the mistakes of others. Drivers are encouraged to take every precautionary measure to prevent accidents from occurring and this starts before they pull out of their driveway.
It is important to ensure that tire pressure, oil and gas levels, lights and mirrors are in-check. Drivers should recognize what to do in emergency situations and be prepared to drive in all types of weather conditions.

Don’t trust that all drivers on the road are conscious of what is going on around you,” says Stefanie Hay, insurance and claims expert with Aviva Canada. “When you see a signal flashing on a vehicle ahead of you, don’t assume that they will make a turn or stop at the next red light.”

Being aware of surrounding traffic and constantly scanning for accident-producing situations is key to becoming a defensive driver. Always give at least three seconds of driving time from the vehicle in front, avoid being in the blind side of other drivers, and steer clear of distractions like talking on your cell phone. The best trait a defensive driver can have is constant preparedness.

“And defensive driving practices will not only save you money on repair costs, they will also result in a clean driving record and lower insurance rates,” Hay continued.


Keep Canada’s roadways safe by participating in National Drive Safe month throughout the year. For more information, contact your insurance broker, visit or call 1-866-My Aviva (692-8482).
-- News Canada