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A Kool Driving School


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    We provide Ministry-Approved Beginner Driver Education Courses as well as customised refresher driving courses. Our focus is to teach our students the necessary skills to drive with confidence.

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    A Kool Driving School
    684 Belmont Avenue West, Suit 101
    Kitchener, ON, N2M 1N6, Canada
    Phone: 519-575-9100
    Website: www.akooldrivingschool.com
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  1. Statecollege2000
    Posted on May 27th

    I attended free in-class roundabout training (useless) we were instructed not to signal in roundabouts, as per instructor it’s too confusing for other drivers. Does anybody know better place for driving instructions (specifically roundabouts)?  

  2. A Kool Driving School
    Posted on June 5th

    Hi Statecollege

    I am you were confused about signaling in a roundabout, I would have appreciated if you asked me to explain it again to you in the class. Some drivers just don’t know which signal to turn on and sometimes the signal turns off 
    automatically  that’s why it can be confusing to other drivers . My instruction was to always make sure to signal right existing the roundabout. If you are going straight, don’t signal in a roundabout. If you are making a left turn or a u turn, signal left and keep it on, then signal right exiting, also make sure you maintain your left lane position. If you have any further questions, you are welcome to come to the class again as many times as you want. We at Kool driving school  are offering this 2 hours in-class session for free to help drivers how to navigate the roundabout safely. So lets work together to achieve that, and join us by visiting our website http://www.akooldrivingschool.com or call 519-5759100.

  3. State College
    Posted on August 14th

    That’s OK I went to Conestoga driving school and had one in-car session with them I am ok now. Thank you for your offer but not thank you.

  4. John
    Posted on May 10th

    You guys don’t know what to do at a roundabout? Facepalm. Pick up a damned book.

  5. Terminator
    Posted on July 6th

    I know this is off topic, but grammar and wording is funny!! lol

  6. Master Instructor
    Posted on October 6th

    Good answer. The key to not lane change after entering the roundabout and also as you state, signal to the right when uou exit.