M1 and M2: Motorcycle License in Ontario

M1 and M2 Motorcycle Licensing in Ontario
As with car licensing in Ontario, new drivers applying for their first motorcycle license must enter the Ontario graduated licensing system which will be described below. This process has 2 stages, and it normally takes applicants around 20 months to complete it.This period has been proved to provide new drivers with enough time to get and practice the required experience and skills in order to become a safe and confident driver.
After passing the M1 Knowledge Test (click here for the M1 Practice Test) and the Vision test, you will be given an M1 (Level 1) Licence.
M1 (Level One) License lasts at least sixty days and is valid for up to ninety days. At the end of M1 license (just like with G1 license) you will have to pass a Ministry-approved M1 Road Motorcycle Test (a.k.a. M1 exit test) in order to get your M2 (Level 2) motorcycle license.

M2 license, in its turn, lasts twenty-two months, or eighteen months if you take a Ministry-approved safety course.
Presumably, with M2 license you should now have enough skills and experience to carry a passenger with you and ride at any time (day or night) on any Ontario road.
Please remember that you must still not drink any alcohol if you will be riding.

It takes at least twenty months from when you start in M1 license until you can take your M2 Road Motorcycle Test (a.k.a. M2 exit test) to earn a Full M License.

As a beginner rider, you can only begin learning to ride a motorcycle under the following FOUR conditions:

ZERO Alcohol!

You must never consume any alcoholic beverages if you are planning on riding. Alcohol concentration in your blood must be ZERO when you ride.

Daylight Only!

You are only allowed to ride during daylight (between a 30 minutes before sunrise and 30 minutes after sunset).

Speed Limit!

You may only ride on roads where the speed limit is 80km/h or less and on certain highways (11,17,61,69,71,101,102,144 and 655).

No Passengers!

With your M1 license, you are not allowed to carry any passengers.