Make your car pay you

Instead of one expense after another – or instead of constantly putting your hand in your pocket to pay the costs of running a vehicle – did you know that with a little tender loving care, you can actually make your car pay you?
Increasing gas bills, repair bills, and insurance costs are indeed a reality, but with a bit of dedication, and a plan, you could get a good portion of that money back. It’s all tied to vehicle maintenance and to lengthening the life cycle of the vehicle.“Imagine a savings of $20,000 in car costs,” says Freeman Young, president of Krown Rust Control. “A study conducted by Runzheimer Canada shows by extending the life of your car from four, to at least eight years with dedicated maintenance, you stand to keep up to $20,000 in your pocket. Those savings reflect a combination of car payment costs, interest, and reduced insurance costs.”
If you want to extend the life of a vehicle you need a sound, body maintenance program, Freeman confirmed. That includes washing, waxing, interior care, and most importantly, an annual treatment to the body to reduce corrosion and its related problems. Another report, released at the 2000 Canadian Fleet Maintenance Seminar, showed a saving of $600 in maintenance costs for every $100 spent. “For the 8,000 vehicles studied,” Young explained, “$1.2 million was spent and $7.5 million was saved.”

Peace of mind too

Money can be saved with proper car care, but of equal importance, the automobile will be more reliable with far fewer operating problems. An annual corrosion treatment like Krown for example, helps to reduce rust and deterioration in the electrical system and every moving part of the body is lubricated. It keeps the sensors, computer, and battery working longer and it helps to lengthen the life cycle of your brake, gas line, and even the sending unit of your gas tank. The corrosion is reduced in the seams and from the inside body panels to help lengthen the paint life.

“All combined, with regular checkups and body maintenance, your car will last twice as long,” Freeman said, “and that can only mean a lot more money for you.”