Do You Make These Mistakes While Driving?

Most drivers tend to make mistakes while driving. In fact, some drivers make these sorts of mistakes continually while driving. I have been guilty of developing bad habits, like forgetting to check my blind spots, or turning before I check. Most people just take driving a car for granted. The problem is that we all think of a vehicle as transportation to get us from point A to point B. We forget that if we make too many mistakes it could turn into a killing machine.Do you make these mistakes while driving?

Driving too fast in bad conditions.

Many people drive too fast in the rain or when it is snowing. Of course we think of these motorists as crazy or stupid. The problem is that these types of drivers are just ignorant to the safety of themselves and others on the road. We all need to be aware of bad weather conditions and slow down!

Inattention or Distractions

One thing driving needs and that is your full attention. However, one of the most common mistakes among drivers is to do other things behind the wheel. You will see many people brushing their hair, teeth, eating, talking on their cell etc. You must stay focused on the road at all times.

Following behind a vehicle too closely

In dry weather you are allowed 3-4 seconds minimum to stop. In bad weather or in the dark it is 8-9 seconds. Give yourself enough room to stop safely.

Running Red Lights

This is a big mistake and causes many horrible accidents. It is simply a bad habit that should be broken. If you have to sit for a few minutes at a red light, then so be it. It is much better to wait and be safe then to rush through it and cause an accident or worse.

Driving After Taking Medication

If you are on medications or prescriptions from your doctor they could impair your driving skills. Let’s face it: you will simply not be as alert. It is as bad as drinking alcohol and can cause the same dopey effects. Wait to drive until you know you are alert and not impaired by your medication.

Aggression While Driving

There are those drivers who can’t handle the stress of rush hour or weave in and out of traffic. They start changing lanes and cutting people off. If you find yourself in these situations, just take a deep breath and try to relax. Getting aggressive will not help you or the drivers around you.

Not wearing a seat belt

The fact is that wearing a seat belt is the law. However, there are many people -- around 20% -- who still don’t wear them. If you don’t wear your seat belt you are 25 times more likely to die in a fatal crash.

Not Yielding the Right of Way

You have to give and take while you are on the road. Vehicles on the left should yield to those on the right. Pedestrians should have the right of way on crosswalks. Any deviations from this could lead to deadly situations. The sad fact is that they do every day!