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Morty’s Driving School Montreal


  • General Info

    Car Driving Lessons in Montreal Morty's Driving School in Montreal is offering automobile driver lessons on both manual and automatic transmissions. We take care of everything... From our special home pick-up services for on the road practice, to the reassuring attention that we provide to nervous drivers... But more importantly, our Professional Certified Instructors deliver the best driving techniques, making you a competent and a safe driver.

  • Our History

    Founded and incorporated in 1977, Morty's Driving School has since provided new drivers of Montreal with the highest standard of driver training to enable you to obtain your driver's license as early as possible. More importantly, our driving school is committed to make it easy for you to become a safe and conscientious driver. We are proud to have trained over 30,000 students in Montreal and West Island.

  • Our Courses

    Morty's Driving School in Montreal is not only providing courses for you to learn, but also to enjoy and appreciate the pleasure of safe and confident driving. Always remember, you only learn to drive once, so choose Morty's Driving School for a life time of enjoyable safe driving. Join us in Montreal! You'll be glad you did.

  • Contacts
    Morty’s Driving School Montreal
    5185 boul. Decarie Suite 1, Snowdon
    Montreal, QC, H3W 3C2, Canada
    514 484-7872
    Website: www.mortysdrivingschool.com/index.html
    Email address:

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If you live in Montreal and have any further information about Morty’s Driving School Montreal, please let us know. If you have taken classes at Morty’s Driving School Montreal, please write a review about your experience with this driving school using the form below. Thank you!
  1. NIKE
    Posted on March 31st


  2. Posted on April 12th

    How do I get enrolled on this Driving School Montreal?

  3. Kilo
    Posted on September 19th

    Be ready to be ripped off by Morty!

  4. Kilo
    Posted on September 19th

    Be ready to be ripped off by Morty!

  5. Kilo
    Posted on September 19th

    Be ready to be ripped off by Morty!

  6. KumR888
    Posted on September 20th

    I find Morty’s is very disorganized.  Morty’s bikes suck even at the SAAQ.  If you want to pay more, and more money, go with Morty’s.

  7. Jimmy C.
    Posted on September 25th

    I agree that Morty’s Driving School in Montreal is a rip off. Checkout his bikes and they do not even comply with safety regulations.  Be careful when you use Morty’s Driving School in Montreal bikes – broken speedometers, no mirrors, bikes stalls a lot because of battery problems, closed circuit practice area is terribly unpaved, and the list goes on.  But Morty ofMorty’s Driving School in Montreal has a very well-polished Mercedes SUV….beware of extra charges!!!!

  8. StephG
    Posted on September 27th

    Morty’s Driving School in Montreal really offers dilapidated bikes at your own risk. You better be careful when you signup at Morty’s Driving School in Montreal. Some students say that Morty is just after your money.

  9. StephG
    Posted on September 27th

    Morty’s Driving School in Montreal really offers dilapidated bikes at your own risk. You better be careful when you signup at Morty’s Driving School in Montreal. Some students say that Morty is just after your money.

  10. Jsceru
    Posted on October 3rd

    Morty’s Driving School in Montreal is the worst driving school I have ever seen!

  11. Jsceru
    Posted on October 3rd

    Morty’s Driving School in Montreal is the worst driving school I have ever seen!

  12. Jsceru
    Posted on October 3rd

    Morty’s Driving School in Montreal is the worst driving school I have ever seen!

  13. Montrealer
    Posted on February 12th

    Great driving school! After go through five different driving schools in Montreal- some cheaper and more expensive than others, I finally succumbed and signed up with some lessons with Morty’s Driving School. They are organized, efficient and trustworthy. Soon after doing a few lessons with a Morty’s instructor- I got my license. You get what you pay for. 

  14. Stevie_432
    Posted on March 25th

    I had an impatient instructor and did not enjoy my courses with him.

  15. mike1984
    Posted on August 9th

    Great school, Morty is with you every step of the way. Great customer service department! I passed my motorcycle lesson on my first try and the instructors were patient and helpful! Thanks!!

  16. Paul
    Posted on November 21st

    I really recommend people do not go to this driving school “transit” because money is the only concern for them. Instructors are always running out of time and they take 10 or 15 minutes from your time at the end of you’re driving pratique. The only instructor woman that they have is most of the time grumpy and a freak control. There are better driving school in Montreal

  17. Vince
    Posted on May 7th

    Name of our Instructor was Rainen at Morty’s Driving School
    Motivated. Insightful, dedicated, very
    good and experienced strategist who can be trusted. Learning with Rainen is a
    signature of success. very productive. A multi-skilled individual who can be
    trusted, goal oriented and forward thinking team player, with great sense of
    humor. Always maintains very good relation with the team and surrounding others
    who have been taught.

    Rainen did not fail a single time in
    the path of success. While having the ability to make good, bold decisions,
    forward thinking. Careful in deadline oriented strategist with excellent
    communication skills. Rainen is one of the knowledgeable sources of motorcycle
    enthusiasms. His wonderful work flow, skills, knowledge and understanding of
    control of the motorcycle . Very positive attitude towards the acquisition
    knowledge of skill through the riding experience.

  18. Rick
    Posted on April 8th

    I enjoyed morty’s Beaconsfield….great customer service & competent instructors. They seem to have a fun atmosphere that is carried further by the instructors…I would recommend this school plus there 100$ off doesnt hurt either!!

  19. John
    Posted on April 8th

    Really liked Morty’s Motorcycle course….good instructors and great customer service! Friendly staff & good prices!

  20. john Mackage
    Posted on May 19th

    Please read before you
    consider Morty’s Driving school

    Long time business
    does not necessary mean that this is the best school to go with,

    Here is my experience

    As i was once in the
    hype of getting my motorcycle license i inquired about morty’s Driving School. As i was told i needed to go on Decarie boulevard to pay for my
    classes, I was blinded by all the Hype. I was excited, they have classes in
    english! Let’s go. As i arrived at the Decarie office, The birdbrain of a secretary
    was just staring at me, as i said

    ” Hello, i have
    called early today to sign up for my course’s..you gave me an appoinment to
    come see you at 5.30, which is now.. ” Just like an astronaut she was
    staring into the moon, i then said ” Hello, mam? ” and waited.. we
    were the only two people in this place.

    She looked at me and said ” Yes ?
    ” i couldn’t believe it, this all
    happened in about a 5 minute timeframe . So i repeated myself, and she told me
    , its fine.. you can pay one payment or two payments.

    I said perfect, ill
    pay one payment as how much could it be, She then told me ..

    it will be one payment
    of 895$ or two payments of 475$.. ?

    here i am looking at
    this space cadet , these numbers don’t even add up. i spent 3 hours in traffic
    because the only appointment was at 5.30pm in rush hour on decarie – I didnt have the stomach
    to start an argument with this airhead, i said fuck it, ill pay the 895$ and i
    will sort it out with morty or a higher person in this company ( What a joke. )

    Time for class.. i
    start my classes, i have this young teacher who drives up with a dirt bike
    bragging on how he cuts threw traffic between the cars,

    then thats when i
    thought to myself, what have i done. the classes were pointless.

    Then we did the closed
    parking lot classes, how can anyone learn anything with 25 people in one class,
    2 instructors, i believe his name was phil? He was telling me, ” hey wanna
    try something cool, see that shipping area behide the warehouse, i want you to
    give gas and go off it with the honda 250cc. ( Shipping area incline about 3 feet )

    Phil would make us drive on the road near the parking lot, and i would tell him it isnt safe i dont even have my temp to drive on the road, he would then tell me to stop being a ” Pussy ”

    No . i will not risk
    my safety, and do something that ridiculous. i was really starting to think
    everyone that has motorcycles are nutcases. anyways i complained to morty,
    morty didnt want to hear it, he didnt want to refund me,. I failed at the SAAQ
    incourse test, i didtn learn anything , what a horrible experience

    and to top it off , i
    called morty to even tell him if i can have a one on one instead of being in a
    class with some redneck called phil who everyclass i had people were getting
    hurt with the motorcycles . they said, Yes.. i can, extra classes will cost
    100$ for a 1 hour timeframe,,… are you joking i said? after spending 1000$
    for this crap. I took the bullet, i
    called, and told them i will not be returning, I went with a different driving
    school, As Morty’s driving school is dangerous . And if you like to just ride
    to relax.. this isnt the place for you,

    Save your time and money. Call other schools around . If they see you are hyped up they will screw you like i did.

    The other 3 guys i went with paid all different prices .
    As i paid 895$
    The other guy paid – 685$
    and the last guy paid – 780$
    horrible experience

  21. john Mackage
    Posted on May 19th

    I have noticed.

  22. Lyn
    Posted on May 29th

    I called morty’s to schedule some private motorcycle courses with Rainen after reading the reviews here, but it turns out he doesn’t work there anymore. I did some research and he opened up his own driving school MTL Moto Pro: specializing in ONLY motorcycles and scooters. I am soo glad that i went with him! He’s a real good instructor who knew exactly what i was doing wrong in just minutes and corrected it right away. I learned more in 2 hours with him than i did my entire motorcycle course at morty’s!

  23. Wytezomby
    Posted on June 11th

    If this is a real review, then I’m Santa Claus. Most of what is written here is pure drivel. Morty’s has one price for Motorcycle’s and one price for cars. The price you quoted is for cars, not bikes. I happen to know Phil and he’s a total professional, that ugly word would never pass his lips. Hard to believe Morty would do nothing, as his business ethic is exemplary. Your review seems contrived and I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re the competition. Reader Beware

  24. Harley Davidson
    Posted on June 11th

    I have read all the reviews here and have come to a conclusion. Morty’s has had its problems in the past, but has surpassed quality for Motorcycle education now. As for the stellar reviews for Rainen, seeing as how he just opened a business and needs people, what better way to get them than a smear campaign. I have 2 words for you when it comes to Rainen.

    Caveat Emptor

  25. Eric G
    Posted on June 11th

    I was a student at Morty’s Driving School for motorcycle and and enjoyed it fully!! I found Phil & Bruce awesome as usual but some reviews below says Rainen was excellent but I found him rude & hot tempered – found out that he no longer works for Morty’s. Probably because of his attitude!

  26. Alex P
    Posted on June 12th

    Great school & awesome people…..like the instructors great humour and on point….I would def go there again!!!